Structural Properties and Luminescence Characteristics of Eu Doped Lithium Triborate (LiB₃O) Phosphors.

Author(s) Kumar, S.; Boobalan, K.; Priya, S.; Vallejo, M.A.; Ramirez, P.Ceron; Navarro, R.; Jayaramakrishnan, V.; Sosa, M.A.
Journal J Nanosci Nanotechnol
Date Published 2019 Sep 01

Lithium triborate LiB₃O:Eu has been prepared by precipitation assisted high-temperature solid state (PAS) reaction method using lithium hydroxide (LiOH), boric acid (H₃BO₃) and europium chloride (EuCl₃). The as prepared powders were calcined at various temperatures. As prepared and calcined powders were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometry (EDS), UV-Vis spectrometry and Photoluminescence (PL). The XRD profiles of the powder products revealed the presence of crystalline phase at 650 °C. Increasing bandgap with increasing dopant concentration was studied by UV-Vis spectra. The effect of dopant concentration on photoluminescence properties of LiB₃O was also studied. The optimized Eu dopant concentration for potential luminescent LiB₃O phosphor was 0.25 mol%.

DOI 10.1166/jnn.2019.16562
ISSN 1533-4880
Citation J Nanosci Nanotechnol. 2019;19(9):59325936.

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