Systematic error in conventionally measured Raman spectra of boron carbide-A general issue in solid state Raman spectroscopy.

Author(s) Werheit, H.
Journal Rev Sci Instrum
Date Published 2019 Apr

Solid state Raman spectroscopy requires careful attention to the penetration depth of exciting laser radiation. In cases like semiconducting boron carbide and metallic hexaborides, high fundamental absorption above the bandgap and reflectivity R ≈ 1 beyond the plasma edge respectively prevent the excitation of bulk phonons largely. Thus, correspondingly measured spectra stem preferably from surface scattering. For decades, Raman spectra of boron carbide obtained with different equipment were controversially discussed. Now, common features of icosahedral phonons in Fourier transform-Raman spectra of BC and Raman spectra of α-rhombohedral boron evidence their bulk character, while refuting conventionally measured Raman spectra.

DOI 10.1063/1.5079525
ISSN 1089-7623
Citation Rev Sci Instrum. 2019;90(4):043114.

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