trans to cis photo-isomerization in merocyanine dysprosium and yttrium complexes.

Author(s) Selvanathan, P.; Dorcet, V.; Roisnel, T.; Bernot, K.; Huang, G.; le Guennic, B.; Norel, L.; Rigaut, S.
Journal Dalton Trans
Date Published 2018 Feb 22

We report the synthesis of two lanthanide complexes including a chelating merocyanine (MC) ligand obtained from the reaction of a bis(pyridinemethyl)amine substituted spiropyran with yttrium(iii) or dysprosium(iii) triflate salts, whose structures were confirmed both in the solid state and in solution by single crystal X-ray diffraction studies and NMR investigations. The obtained merocyanine metal complexes can reversibly undergo a photo-triggered transformation consisting of a partial isomerization of the trans-merocyanine ligand to its cis isomer (cis-MC) providing complexes in which the metal-phenolate bond is retained. SQUID magnetometry experiments in combination with ab initio calculations were used to evidence and rationalize the single-molecule magnet behavior of the dysprosium complex and to probe the changes in the dysprosium ion local environment upon photo-isomerization.

DOI 10.1039/c8dt00299a
ISSN 1477-9234
Citation Dalton Trans. 2018.

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