Trapping of chiral enolates generated by Lewis acid promoted conjugate addition of Grignard reagents to unreactive Michael acceptors by various electrophiles.

Author(s) Vargová, D.; Pérez, J.M.; Harutyunyan, S.R.; Šebesta, R.
Journal Chem Commun (Camb)
Date Published 2019 Sep 26

Here we show trapping of chiral enolates with carbenium ions, Michael acceptors, and bromine. Silyl ketene aminals, disilyl acetals, and aza-enolates were obtained via Lewis acid mediated enantioselective conjugate addition of Grignard reagents to unsaturated amides, carboxylic acids and alkenyl heterocycles.

DOI 10.1039/c9cc05041h
ISSN 1364-548X
Citation Chem Commun (Camb). 2019;55(78):1176611769.

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