Tungstate-Catalyzed Biomimetic Oxidative Halogenation of (Hetero)Arene under Mild Condition.

Author(s) Ma, Z.; Lu, H.; Liao, K.; Chen, Z.
Journal iScience
Date Published 2020 May 22

Aryl halide (Br, Cl, I) is among the most important compounds in pharmaceutical industry, material science, and agrochemistry, broadly utilized in diverse transformations. Tremendous approaches have been established to prepare this scaffold; however, many of them suffer from atom economy, harsh condition, inability to be scaled up, or cost-unfriendly reagents and catalysts. Inspired by vanadium haloperoxidases herein we presented a biomimetic approach for halogenation (Br, Cl, I) of (hetero)arene catalyzed by tungstate under mild pH in a cost-efficient and environment- and operation-friendly manner. Broad substrates, diverse functional group tolerance, and good chemo- and regioselectivities were observed, even in late-stage halogenation of complex molecules. Moreover, this approach can be scaled up to over 100 g without time-consuming and costly column purification. Several drugs and key precursors for drugs bearing aryl halides (Br, Cl, I) have been conveniently prepared based on our approach.

DOI 10.1016/j.isci.2020.101072
ISSN 2589-0042
Citation iScience. 2020;23(5):101072.

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