Tuning the optical isotropic point of mixed crystals of ethylenediammonium sulfate/selenate.

Author(s) Tan, M.; Martin, A.T.; Shtukenberg, A.G.; Kahr, B.
Journal J Appl Crystallogr
Date Published 2020 Feb 01

In anisotropic crystals, optical isotropic points are wavelengths where linear birefringence disappears because the refractive indices for both eigenmodes are accidentally equivalent. Here, the optical isotropic point of ethylene-diammonium selenate (EDSe) is tuned by generating a solid-solution series of EDSe doped with sulfate. Mueller matrix polarimetry and single-crystal X-ray diffraction are used to correlate changes in linear birefringence with the crystal composition of EDS Se . A scheme for using mixed crystals with isotropic points as tunable birefringent optical bandpass filters is proposed and their performance is modeled.

DOI 10.1107/S1600576719015863
ISSN 0021-8898
Citation J Appl Crystallogr. 2020;53(Pt 1):5157.

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