Ultrasonication and hydrothermal assisted synthesis of cloud-like zinc molybdate nanospheres for enhanced detection of flutamide.

Author(s) Rajakumaran, R.; Abinaya, M.; Chen, S.M.; Balamurugan, K.; Muthuraj, V.
Journal Ultrason Sonochem
Date Published 2020 Mar

Ultrasonication is one of the emerging probes for nanoparticles synthesis as well as promoting the material property by treasuring the precious time during a chemical reaction. In this present work, we successfully designed a cloud-like α-ZnMoO nanospheres (ZMNS) using ultrasound assistance (bath sonication with the power of 60 W and frequency of 37/80 kHz) hydrothermal method for catalyzing the effective electrochemical determination of anti-androgen drug candidate flutamide (FLT). The crystallinity and phase purity were investigated using powder X-ray diffractometric analysis. The FTIR and Raman spectra information were compared to detect the possible bonding in ZMNS. The texture and surface morphology were studied using Field emission scanning electron microscope and High-resolution Transmission electron microscope images. The presence of the elements (Zn, Mo and O) and the absence of any other impurities were monitored and confirmed using EDAX analysis. The fabrication of ZMNS modified GCE was performed carefully. Additionally, the ZMNS modified glassy carbon electrode (GCE) exhibits superior electrocatalytic activity by means of higher cathodic peak current towards the detection of FLT. The fashioned electrode attained two wide linear response ranges (0.1 to 73 µM; 111 to 1026 µM) with a lower detection limit of about 33 nM correspondingly. Furthermore, the fabricated sensor displayed excellent sensitivity of 1.095 µA µM cm and good selectivity for FLT sensing even in the existence of similar interfering compounds and biomolecules. Along with that, the designed sensor executed noticeable reproducibility, repeatability, and enduring stability.

DOI 10.1016/j.ultsonch.2019.104823
ISSN 1873-2828
Citation Ultrason Sonochem. 2020;61:104823.

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