Author(s) Hanawa, T.
Journal Dent Mater J
Date Published 2020 Jan 31

This review scientifically compares the properties of zirconia and titanium, but does not identify the best among them as an implant material. Surface treatment and modification to improve tissue bonding and inhibit bacterial adhesion are not considered in this review. The mechanical properties of titanium are superior to those of zirconia; some studies have shown that zirconia can be used as a dental implant, especially as an abutment. Extensive surface treatment research is ongoing to inhibit bacterial adhesion and improve osseointegration and soft tissue adhesion phenomena which make it difficult to evaluate properties of the materials themselves without surface treatment. Osseointegration of titanium is superior to that of zirconia itself without surface treatment; after surface treatment, both materials show comparable osseointegration. The surface morphology is more important for osseointegration than the surface composition. To inhibit bacterial adhesion, zirconia is superior to titanium, and hence, more suitable for abutments. Both materials show similar capability for soft tissue adhesion.

DOI 10.4012/dmj.2019-172
Keywords Dental Abutments; Dental Implants; Dental Materials; Osseointegration; Surface Properties; Titanium; Zirconium
ISSN 1881-1361
Citation Dent Mater J. 2020;39(1):2436.