The field of robotics is one of the most important developments of the twentieth century, incorporating engineering, electronics, and computer science, that is becoming increasingly important to our everyday lives, making innovations like mars rovers and self-driving cars possible. Researchers continue to make strides in developing advanced robotic applications such as drug delivery and medical devices, transportation, drones, military and defense, space exploration, nanotechnology, automotive and aviation technologies.

American Elements manufactures numerous advanced robotic materials include structural metals and alloys of aluminum, steel, titanium, magnesium, and zinc; ceramics like glass; components like wires, sheets, tubes, and custom parts for actuators, sensors, motors, locomotion-based technologies, as well as piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials and magnetic nanoparticles.

American Elements has long supported researchers in the field of robotics, offering state-of-the-art materials and technical guidance. We have been key contributors to the experiments at numerous research facilities, national labs, and corporate development programs. AE engineers can provide guidance on alloy composition or material properties.

Innovation Case Study #35: American Elements Assists in Creation of Fusion Robot

#35: American Elements Assists in Creation of Fusion Robot

The Challenge

In 20, Umicore sought to develop a fully automated fusion system based on integrated robotics to automate the production of analytical samples. The proposed system would utilize crucibles that would both be able to withstand high temperatures and also be able to be cleaned and reused for the process of melting materials.

The Innovation

Umicore consulted with American Elements engineers to determine the most cost-effective and versatile material to use for the melting crucibles, eventually settling upon a 99.6% pure zirconium metal crucible.

The Result

Umicore's Automated Fusion Robot is now a fully integrated part of their workflow for isolating and identifying high purity lab samples.
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