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Press Release - Discover the Pure and Luxurious Expression of a Bond Eternal

September 2016


Discover the Pure and Luxurious Expression of a Bond Eternal

SMITHSON TENNANT, a division of American Elements, officially launched its exclusive line of Iridium wedding bands and commitment rings in September 2016, created from one of the world’s most precious metals as an opulent new way of expressing a promise of forever.

Since its inception, Smithson Tennant iridium rings have been a best kept secret among in-the-know celebrities, tech entrepreneurs, and financiers. It has been custom ordered by a roster of prominent personalities including the Silicon Valley billionaire famous for starting the first commercial space flight program, a member of a renowned rock group, and a well recognized hedge fund manager. Like gold, silver and platinum, iridium trades on international precious metal daily commodity exchanges and has on occasion exceeded the price of gold and platinum per troy ounce. Each Smithson Tennant ring is stamped and comes with a certification of its purity and weight for inheritance, insurance and acquisition documentation purposes. As both a real and metaphoric sentimental investment, these iridium rings are valued by individuals who demand only the very best. Smithson Tennant Iridium rings are available online at

American Elements conceived the Smithson Tennant line based on its dedication to innovation and the highest standards of consistent quality, along with its dependable capabilities in properties, applications, and cost-effective bulk manufacturing of advanced and engineered materials. Its distinguished reputation in the production of numerous customer proprietary formulations from its extensive network of production facilities worldwide has served thousands of global manufacturers, all U.S. national laboratories and military branches, universities throughout the world, and customers in a wide range of industries that now include fine jewelry with the unmatched quality and elegance of Smithson Tennant.