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Press Release - Smithson Tennant Ramps Up Iridium Ring Production For 2017 Wedding Season

June 2017

Smithson Tennant Ramps Up Iridium Ring Production For 2017 Wedding Season

SMITHSON TENNANT, a division of American Elements, announced today that it plans to expand production of its certified 24 karat iridium rings in anticipation of the upcoming 2017 wedding season. Demand for the unique wedding bands, the only jewelry in the world made from pure iridium metal, has increased dramatically in recent weeks, and the company expects the sales to continue to rise.

"We experienced a 1,000% jump in iridium ring orders in May alone, so it’s clear the wedding season is upon us and we don’t want to let our customers down,” said Linda Langford, Director of Corporate Relations.

As the least tarnishing precious metal, iridium’s uniquely bright luster lasts longer and under more extreme conditions than gold and platinum. However, due to its extremely high melting point and hardness, traditional jewelers have not been able to work with the metal. American Elements' unmatched expertise in working with high technology metals and alloys allows it to manufacture these singular rings, merging strength with beauty in a symbol of timeless elegance.

Each Smithson Tennant ring is stamped and comes with a certification of its purity and weight for inheritance, insurance and acquisition documentation purposes. As both a real and metaphoric sentimental investment, these iridium rings are valued by individuals who demand only the very best. Smithson Tennant iridium rings are the perfect symbol of everlasting love and can be purchased exclusively online at