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Regulatory Compliance

One of the most essential tasks for any organization focused on research or manufacturing is ensuring adherence to the safety standards and other applicable regulations. Understanding the web of chemical regulations and keeping up with current best practices can be extraordinarily challenging, especially if your business requires you to work across different states or countries with disparate rules.

American Elements has years of experience navigating these difficult waters, and can serve as your expert partner, helping you stay in line with exacting regulations. We hold our own operations to the highest standards, and believe in helping our customers do the same. The American Elements’ Safety and Regulatory Compliance team is nimble and adaptive, and seeks always to meet the needs of our customers. Below we discuss two of our most frequently requested services, but if you have regulation compliance concerns that fall outside these areas, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Custom MSDS Authoring

American Elements’ Safety and Regulations Compliance department has deep knowledge and skill in SDS authoring. We can produce high-quality safety data sheets for compliance with GHS, OSHA, WHMIS, CLP, REACH, and more. As a global manufacturer and supplier of advanced materials, we have experience dealing with a wide array of needs; our SDS authoring services can include customization for location and application, as well as translation into a variety of languages. When you work with our authoring team, you’ll receive both the paperwork you need to be compliant with regulations, and direct access to American Elements materials experts.

Of course, as is the case with our custom manufacturing, American Elements’ SDS authoring services are sensitive to the needs of our industry partners, and any custom information provided to us in the course of the authoring process will be handle in the strictest confidence.

REACH Compliance Advising

Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals, or REACH, is a set of regulations passed by the European Union in 2006. REACH regulations are intended to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks posed by chemicals used in industry, research, and everyday life. REACH began taking effect on June 1st of 2007, and has incorporated several phase-in periods to allow for the gradual adaptation of industry to the demands of this vast new system of regulation.

Under REACH, companies are responsible for identifying and managing the risks associated with substances they manufacture or market in the EU, and carry the burden of proving to the European Chemical Society how these substances can be safely used. This is accomplished in part by requiring companies to register all substances imported or manufactured in the EU in quantities exceeding one ton per year, with the exception of substances falling within one of a number of exempt classes of chemicals.

American Elements strongly supports the policies and intent underlying REACH, as we believe that high standards of safety and environmental protections are essential for the long-term sustainability of innovation. Additionally, as a global company, we at American Elements have placed the highest possible priority on remaining in REACH compliance so that service to our European Union customers is never interrupted.

Compliance with the REACH system requires extensive work, including the preparation of technical dossiers and Chemical Safety Reports (CSR) on each substance requiring registration. American Elements provides advising and support on this process to our customers. Further questions can be directed to our REACH Implementation Unit at

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