About Iodides

Arsenic Iodide

Iodides are compounds containing the iodine anion, I-. Iodides include salts such as sodium iodide and organic compounds such as methyl iodide.

Iodide is one of the largest anions. With a radius estimated at 220 picometers, it is the larger than bromide (196 pm), chloride (181 pm), and fluoride (133 pm) ions. In part because of its size, iodine forms relatively weak bonds with most elements. Most iodide salts are soluble in water, but often less so than the related chlorides and bromides. Iodide, being large, is less hydrophilic than the smaller anions. One consequence is that sodium iodide is highly soluble in acetone, whereas sodium chloride is not. The low solubility of silver iodide and lead iodide reflect the covalent character of these metal iodides. Iodides are common in everyday life; for example potassium iodide is the iodine component of iodized salt and silver iodide is a photoactive component of silver-based photographic film.

American Elements manufactures multiple forms of iodide compounds including solutions, nanopowders, submicron, and -325 mesh powders, and high surface area materials with particle distribution and particle size controlled and certified. We also produce larger -40 mesh, -100 mesh, -200 mesh range sizes and <0.5 mm, 2 mm, 5 mm and other sizes of shot, granules, lump, flake and pieces. Purities include 99%, 99.9%, 99.99%, 99.999% and 99.9999% (2N, 3N, 4N, 5N and 6N).

American Elements maintains industrial scale production for all its iodide products and will execute Non-Disclosure or Confidentiality Agreements to protect customer know-how.

Iodides Products

(Ferrocenylmethyl)trimethylammonium Iodide Aluminum Iodide Ammonium Iodide
Antimony Iodide Arsenic Diiodide Arsenic(III) Iodide
Barium Iodide Beryllium Iodide Bismuth Iodide
Bismuth Potassium Iodide Bismuth(III) Oxyiodide Boron Iodide
Cadmium Iodide Calcium Iodide Calcium Iodide Hydrate
Cerium(II) Iodide Cerium(III) Iodide Cesium Dichloroiodide
Cesium Iodide Cesium Iodide Windows Cesium Iodide, activated by Sodium
Cesium Iodide, activated by Thallium Cesium Triiodide Chromium(II) Iodide
Chromium(III) Iodide Cobalt Iodide Cobalt(II) Iodide Dihydrate
Copper Iodide Copper Iodide Dimethyl Sulfide Complex Copper(I) Iodide/Cesium Carbonate Admixture
Copper(I) Tetraiodomercurate Dysprosium(II) Iodide Dysprosium(III) Iodide
Erbium Iodide Europium(II) Iodide Europium(III) Iodide
Gadolinium(III) Iodide Gallium Iodide Germanium(II) Iodide
Germanium(IV) Iodide Gold Triiodide Gold(I) Iodide
Gold(III) Iodide Gram's Iodine Solution Hafnium(III) Iodide
Hafnium(IV) Iodide Hexaamminenickel(II) Iodide Holmium Iodide
Indium(I) Iodide Indium(III) Iodide Iridium(III) Iodide
Iridium(IV) Iodide Iron(II) Iodide KRS-5 Thallium Bromoiodide
Lanthanum Iodide Lead Iodide Lithium Iodide
Lithium Iodide Hydrate Lithium Iodide Trihydrate Lutetium Iodide
Magnesium Iodide Magnesium Iodide Octahydrate Manganese(II) Iodide
Manganese(II) Iodide Tetrahydrate Mercuric Potassium Iodide Mercury(I) Iodide
Mercury(I) Iodide Yellow Mercury(II) Iodide Mercury(II) Iodide Red
Mercury(II) Silver Iodide Methylammonium Iodide Methylmercury(II) Iodide
Methyltriphenylarsonium Iodide Molybdenum(II) Iodide Molybdenum(III) Iodide
Molybdenum(IV) Iodide Neodymium(II) Iodide Neodymium(III) Iodide
Nickel Iodide Nickel Iodide Hexahydrate Niobium(III) Iodide
Niobium(IV) Iodide Niobium(V) Iodide Osmium Zinc Iodide
Palladium(II) Iodide Phosphorus(III) Iodide Platinum(II) Iodide
Platinum(IV) Iodide Potassium Iodate-Iodide Potassium Iodide
Praseodymium(II) Iodide Praseodymium(III) Iodide Propidium Iodide Solution
Rhenium(III) Iodide Rhodium(III) Iodide Rhodium(III) Iodide Hydrate
Rubidium Iodide Ruthenium(III) Iodide Ruthenium(III) Iodide Hydrate
Samarium(II) Iodide Samarium(III) Iodide Scandium Iodide
Silicon Iodide Silver Iodide Silver Iodide Solution
Silver Potassium Iodide Sodium Iodide Sodium Iodide Dihydrate
Strontium Iodide Strontium Iodide Hexahydrate Strontium Iodide, Europium-doped
Tantalum(IV) Iodide Tantalum(V) Iodide Tellurium Iodide
Terbium(III) Iodide Tetraiodomethane Thallium doped Sodium Iodide
Thallium(I) Iodide Thallium(III) Iodide Thulium(III) Iodide
Tin(II) Iodide Tin(IV) Iodide Titanium(II) Iodide
Titanium(III) Iodide Titanium(IV) Iodide trans-4-[2-(1-Ferrocenyl)vinyl]-1-methylpyridinium Iodide
Tungsten(II) Iodide Tungsten(III) Iodide Tungsten(IV) Iodide
Ultra Dry Aluminum Iodide Ultra Dry Antimony Iodide Ultra Dry Barium Iodide
Ultra Dry Bismuth Iodide Ultra Dry Cadmium Iodide Ultra Dry Calcium Iodide
Ultra Dry Cerium(III) Iodide Ultra Dry Cesium Iodide Ultra Dry Cobalt(II) Iodide
Ultra Dry Dysprosium(III) Iodide Ultra Dry Erbium Iodide Ultra Dry Gadolinium(III) Iodide
Ultra Dry Gallium Iodide Ultra Dry Hafnium(IV) Iodide Ultra Dry Holmium Iodide
Ultra Dry Indium(I) Iodide Ultra Dry Iron(II) Iodide Ultra Dry Lanthanum Iodide
Ultra Dry Lead Iodide Ultra Dry Lithium Iodide Ultra Dry Lutetium Iodide
Ultra Dry Magnesium Iodide Ultra Dry Manganese(II) Iodide Ultra Dry Mercury(II) Iodide
Ultra Dry Nickel Iodide Ultra Dry Potassium Iodide Ultra Dry Praseodymium(III) Iodide
Ultra Dry Samarium Iodide Ultra Dry Scandium Iodide Ultra Dry Sodium Iodide
Ultra Dry Terbium Iodide Ultra Dry Thallium(I) Iodide Ultra Dry Thulium Iodide
Ultra Dry Tin Iodide Ultra Dry Titanium(IV) Iodide Ultra Dry Yttrium Iodide
Ultra Dry Zinc Iodide Vanadium(II) Iodide Vanadium(III) Iodide
Ytterbium(II) Iodide Ytterbium(III) Iodide Yttrium Iodide
Zinc Iodide Zirconium(II) Iodide Zirconium(III) Iodide
Zirconium(IV) Iodide

Recent Research & Development for Iodides

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