About Phthalocyanines

Phthalocyanines are organometallic coordination complexes composed of phthalocyanine (C32H18N8, abbreviated H2PC) with another metallic element. Phthalocyanines are brilliant blue to green colored and thus are used as synthetic pigments in the industrial fields of paper manufacturing, textile dying, and microscopy staining. Additional applications include organic and printed electronics, semiconductor devices, and catalysis.

One of the most widely used phthalocyanine complex is copper phthalocyanine (CuPC), a vivid blue compound that is highly stable and insoluble in water. Copper phthalocyanine is the most used pigment in fine art paints, in which it is known by numerous synonyms such as Winsor blue, Monstral blue, phthalo blue, C.I. Pigment Blue 15:2, Cu-Phthaloblue, PB-15, PB-36, C.I. 74160, British Rail blue, and others. It has also been investigated as a material for polymer and perovskite photovolaic cells, quantum computing, and light-emitting diodes.

Recent Research & Development for Phthalocyanines

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