About Sulfites

Sulfites (or sulphites) are salts that contain the sulfite ion SO32-. Sulfite compounds such are widely used as food preservatives, antioxidants, bleaching agents, and sterilants. Sodium sulfite in particular has numerous applications in the pulp and paper and textile industries.

Recent Research & Development for Sulfites

Sodium sulfite pH-buffering effect for improved xylose-phenylalanine conversion to N-(1-deoxy-d-xylulos-1-yl)-phenylalanine during an aqueous Maillard reaction., Cui, Heping, Duhoranimana Emmanuel, Karangwa Eric, Jia Chengsheng, and Zhang Xiaoming , Food Chem, 2018 Apr 25, Volume 246, p.442-447, (2018)