About Sulfites

Sulfites (or sulphites) are salts that contain the sulfite ion SO32-. Sulfite compounds such are widely used as food preservatives, antioxidants, bleaching agents, and sterilants. Sodium sulfite in particular has numerous applications in the pulp and paper and textile industries.

American Elements manufactures multiple forms of sulfite compounds including solutions, nanopowders, submicron, and -325 mesh powders, and high surface area materials with particle distribution and particle size controlled and certified. We also produce larger -40 mesh, -100 mesh, -200 mesh range sizes and <0.5 mm, 2 mm, 5 mm and other sizes of shot, granules, lump, flake and pieces. Purities can include 99%, 99.9%, 99.99%, 99.999% and up, in addition to technical or reagent grade.

American Elements maintains industrial scale production for all its sulfite products and will execute Non-Disclosure or Confidentiality Agreements to protect customer know-how.

Recent Research & Development for Sulfites

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