About Tungstates

Tungstate Ion

Tungstates are mixed oxides containing tungsten or compounds that contain an oxoanion of tungsten. Most useful tungsten ores, including scheelite, the naturally occurring form of calcium tungstate, belong to this class of compounds. Alkali metal tungstates are typically water soluble and may be used for their properties in solution. Sodium tungstate is used as a source of tungsten in chemical synthesis and as a catalyst in organic synthesis, while lithium tungstate is used to produce high-density aqueous solutions used in the separation of minerals.

Most other metal tungstates have minimal solubility in water, and are used in various solid forms, including bulk single crystals, thin films, nanostructures, and powders. Cadmium tungstate is one such material, generally used as a scintillation crystal for the detection of gamma rays or x-rays, lending it to use in compact radiation detectors and in computed tomography (CT scan) devices. Other insoluble tungstates, such as barium tungstate, are used widely in the production of advanced ceramic materials.

Recent Research & Development for Tungstates

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