About Acetates

Acetate Formula Structure

Acetates are salts or esters derived from acetic acid. Naturally-occurring acetates are important in the biochemical synthesis of fats from carbohydrates in plants and animals.

Inorganic acetates have a number of important applications. For example, aluminum acetates are used as an antiseptic and in dyeing, and ammonium and potassium acetates are used as de-icing agents and food additives. Transition metals typically form complexes with acetate that are found in a variety of chemical synthesis applications.

Organic acetates (esters) are used as solvents and in the production as solvents and cellulose acetate in photographic films and textiles. Cellulose acetate, one of the first synthetic fibers, is often simply called acetate, and is used the production of products such as eyeglass frames, photographic films, and synthetic fabric.

Recent Research & Development for Acetates

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