Materials science is the starting point of all innovation. When mankind discovered more than a century ago that copper was conductive, electrical power and long distance telecommunication were inevitable. More recently, once silicon was found to semi-conduct, computers and solar panels necessarily followed. Discoveries in materials science always precede and foster the inventions we think of as the great milestones in human development.

Innovation Case Study #14: American Elements Assists General Electric in the Development and Launch of the Reveal™ Light Bulb

#14: American Elements Assists General Electric in the Development and Launch of the Reveal™ Light Bulb

The Challenge

For over a decade American Elements has supplied General Electric with the rare earth oxides needed to produce the glass used in its incandescent bulbs. So when GE’s researchers in Schenectady, NY came up with the novel idea of including neodymium oxide in the glass to reduce yellow-green wavelength emission, they approached American Elements to help develop the plan for commercialization of the idea.

The Innovation

The Innovation: American Elements first worked with GE researchers preparing various certified purities and particle sizes of neodymium oxide and performing cost-benefit analysis on each to optimize the starting raw material. We then prepared a confidential analysis of the global neodymium supply chain including existing and anticipated sources around the world as part of GE’s long term planning for the product. American Elements established production capabilities meeting the final specification in both the U.S. and Asia where production manufacturing would begin.

The Result

The result is GE’s highly successful GE Reveal™ light bulb. With the initial successful launch, GE has since expanded the line to an entire family of lighting options under the Reveal™ brand using neodymium glass, including LED and fluorescent options.

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