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American Elements' United Kingdom product distribution is managed by our chemical supply chain experts. Our British operations were established to better serve our UK customers with exceptional local sales and customer service support, as well as, domestic warehousing capabilities. American Elements produces its products primarily in China and the United States, where analytical and research facilities are located. The combination of UK-based sales and customer service, world class U.S. based research and development and a fully integrated global manufacturing operation allows us to meet the needs of our UK customers in a wide variety of industry groups, including energy, electronics, ceramics, glass, aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical and cosmetics.

American Elements proudly supports research and development programs at several British universities such as Oxford and the nanotechnology department at the University College London (UCL). Our manufacturing operations provide large commercial production quantities to many major manufacturers, including BAE Systems and Rolls Royce.

We also sponsor each year many worthy advanced technology programs in the United Kingdom, such as the Analytical Research Forum (ARF), Photon 14, and the International Conference on Optical and Optoelectronics Properties of Materials and Applications (ICOOPMA).