About MXenes

American Elements manufactures MXene compositions under the trademark AE MXenes™. AE MXenes are a novel type of two-dimensional (2D) ceramic material composed of layered nitrides, carbides, or carbonitrides of transition metals. Precursors to the synthesis of MXenes are ternary MAX phase compounds with the formula Mn+1AXn, where M is a transition metal, A is an element such as aluminum or silicon, and X is either carbon or nitrogen, with n=1, 2, or 3. Producing the 2D MXene from the bulk three dimensional MAX phase compound involves exfoliation or etching to selectively remove the A layer, resulting in layers which can be separated by other ions (known as intercalation) which can enhance their properties.

AE MXenes have a wide variety of compositions, and researchers are discovering new compositions and synthesis avenues on a regular basis. MXenes are notable for their properties that combine aspects of both metals and ceramics. These include excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, heat resistance, easy machinability, and excellent volumetric capacitance, having the highest EMI shielding effectiveness of all similar synthetic 2D materials, and hydrophobic natures due to various surface functional groups.

AE MXenes have applications in advanced battery and energy storage technologies such as lithium-ion, sodium-ion, and supercapacitors, water purification, electromagnetic shielding, photocatalysis, gas sensors, optoelectronics, polymer nanocomposite fillers, and conductive coatings. In many cases MXenes have been shown to outperform other 2D materials such as graphene.

American Elements supports ongoing research into the synthesis and applications of MXenes. We manufacture both standard and custom compositions of MAX-phase precursor materials and high purity chemical compounds tailored to customer specifications. Our engineers can offer customers assistance in material selection and technical data. Contact an American Elements engineer at mxenes@americanelements.com for more information on our products and services.


Aluminum Carbide Aluminum Carbonitride Chromium Aluminum Carbide
Chromium Carbide Chromium Carbide Cr23C6 Chromium Carbide Cr2C
Chromium Carbide Cr7C3 Chromium Nitride Chromium(III) Nitride Sputtering Target
Cobalt-doped Titanium Aluminum Carbide Copper-doped Titanium Aluminum Carbide Dichromium Nitride
Diniobium Carbide Hafnium Carbide Hafnium Carbide Silicon Nitride
Hafnium Carbonitride Hafnium Nitride Iron-doped Titanium Aluminum Carbide
Manganese Aluminum Carbide Mn2AlC Manganese Aluminum Carbide Mn3AlC2 Manganese Carbide Mn23C6
Manganese Carbide Mn3C Manganese Carbide Mn5C2 Molybdenum Aluminum Boride
Molybdenum Aluminum Carbide Molybdenum Carbide Mo2C Molybdenum Carbide Mo3C2
Molybdenum Carbide MoC Molybdenum Gallium Carbide Molybdenum Nitride
Molybdenum Nitride Mo2N Molybdenum Titanium Aluminum Carbide Mo2Ti2AlC3 Molybdenum Titanium Aluminum Carbide Mo2TiAlC2
Molybdenum Titanium Carbide Mo2TiC2 Molybdenum Titanium Carbide Sputtering Target Niobium Aluminum Carbide Nb2AlC
Niobium Aluminum Carbide Nb4AlC3 Niobium Carbide Nb2C Niobium Carbide Nb2CTx
Niobium Carbide Nb4C3 Niobium Nitride Niobium(IV) Carbide
Scandium Aluminum Carbide ScAl3C3 Scandium Carbide ScC Scandium Carbide ScC2
Scandium Nitride Silicon Titanium Nitride Tantalum Aluminum Carbide Ta2AlC
Tantalum Aluminum Carbide Ta4AlC3 Tantalum Carbide Ta2C Tantalum Carbide Ta4C3
Tantalum Carbide TaC Tantalum Hafnium Carbide Tantalum Niobium Carbide
Tantalum Nitride Titanium Aluminum Carbide Titanium Aluminum Carbide Sputtering Target
Titanium Aluminum Carbide Ti2AlC Titanium Aluminum Carbide/Chromium Carbide Sputtering Target Titanium Aluminum Carbonitride Ti3AlCN
Titanium Aluminum Nitride Ti2AlN Titanium Aluminum Nitride Ti3AlN Titanium Aluminum Nitride Ti4AlN3
Titanium Carbide Ti2C Titanium Carbide Ti3C2 Titanium Carbide Ti3C2Tx
Titanium Carbonitride Nanoparticles Titanium Carbonitride Ti3CN Titanium Germanium Carbide
Titanium Nitride Titanium Nitride Ti2N Titanium Selenide Ti2Se
Titanium Silicon Carbide Titanium Silicon Carbide Sputtering Target Titanium Tin Carbide
Titanium Vanadium Aluminum Carbide Titanium(IV) Carbide Vanadium Aluminum Carbide V2AlC
Vanadium Aluminum Carbide V4AlC3 Vanadium Carbide V2C Vanadium Carbide V4C3
Vanadium Nitride Vanadium(IV) Carbide Zirconium Carbide
Zirconium Carbonitride Zirconium Nitride