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Case Studies of selected key technologies invented or co-invented by American Elements in the 1st two decades of this century

2001American Elements Develops Fuel Cell Materials for the U.S. Department of Energy
2001American Elements Creates First Rare Earth Recycling Program
2002American Elements Invents Rapid Dissolve Pharmaceutical Powder for Bristol-Myers Squibb
2002American Elements Synthesizes New Optical Crystal Structure for U.S. Military
2003American Elements Discovers Way to Make Metal-free Dental Fillings Visible on X-Rays
2004American Elements Creates First Anti-Microbial Nanopowder for Use in Fashion
2004American Elements Produces Gadolinium Nitrate Heavy Water for Nuclear Reactor Maintenance
2005American Elements Launches First Ultra High Temperature Lubricant for Oil Refineries
2007American Elements Assists General Electric in the Development and Launch of the GE Reveal™ Light Bulb
2008American Elements Assists Toyota in Reducing the Amount of Platinum in Catalytic Converters
2010American Elements Assists NASA in Development of Ultra White Coating for Satellite Applications
2010American Elements Develops New Organometallic Electronic Coating for Hewlett-Packard
2011American Elements and ArcelorMittal Develop Unique Steel Grade
2014American Elements Aids Intel in Creating a Novel Dielectric Coating
2016American Elements Designs Custom Electroplated Anodes for National Security Technologies
2016American Elements Formulates Custom Alloy Powder for Additive Manufacturing
2017American Elements Develops Unique Radiation Shielding Foils for Space
2018American Elements Develops New Precious Metal Catalyst for Greener Rocket Fuel
2018American Elements Creates Unique Alloy for 3D-Printed Medical Implants
2019American Elements Co-Creates First Home and Office Tower Window that Optimizes to the Weather
2020American Elements Assists in Discovery of Self-Cooling Coating