American Elements produces a wide range of glass and crystalline materials for optical, laser, lighting, electronics and other applications. Optical products are engineered to meet the most rigorous quality standards and produced from ultra-high purity materials. Production of crystalline materials is overseen by experts at our state-of-the-art crystal synthesis facilities utilizing Bridgman-Stockbarger, Czochralski and other established methods. Our glass production products include (1) glass batch, (2) glass colorants, (3) lighting glass and (4) glass polishes. BatchBrite™ is a proprietary formulation used to whiten typical glass batch compositions; particularly when high iron content is of concern. Cerafine™ is a proprietary formulation of cerium-based glass polish for very fine polish steps and glass beveling.

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Below is merely a selection of the full catalog of Glass, Optical & Laser Materials products that American Elements manufactures. If you do not see a material you're looking for listed, please search the website or contact

Selected Products Supplied to the Glass, Optical & Laser Materials Industry

(4N) 99.99% High Purity Magnesium Oxide Powder (5N) 99.999% Indium(I) Iodide Powder (5N) 99.999% Silicon Oxide (5N) 99.999% Yttrium Oxide
(6N) 99.9999% Selenium Metal (6N) 99.9999% Tellurium Metal (6N) 99.9999% Tin Metal (6N) 99.9999% Ytterbium(III) Chloride Hexahydrate
(7N) 99.99999% Cadmium Metal (8-Quinolinolato)lithium (E)-2,5-Dioxopyrrolidin-1-yl 4-((4-(dimethylamino)phenyl)diazenyl)benzoate Alexandrite Rods
Alpha-Barium Borate Aluminium Gallium Indium Phosphide Aluminum Formate Trihydrate Aluminum Gallium Nitride (AlGaN)
Aluminum Magnesium Boride Aluminum Magnesium Boride Sputtering Target Aluminum Oxide Paste Aluminum Oxide Single Crystal Substrate
Aluminum Oxynitride Aluminum Single Crystal Aluminum Wafer Aluminum-doped Zinc Oxide (AZO)
Aluminum-doped Zinc Oxide (AZO) Sputtering Target Aluminum-doped Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle Dispersion Aluminum-doped Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle Ink Aluminum-doped Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles / Nanopowder (AZO)
AMTIR-1 Optical Glass Antimony doped Zinc Tin Sputtering Target Arsenic Tellurium Silicon Germanium Alloy Arsenic Tellurium Silicon Germanium Alloy Sputtering Target
Barium Europium Calcium Molybdate Barium Fluoride Barium Fluoride Lenses Barium Fluoride Nanoparticles / Nanopowder
Barium Fluoride Prisms Barium Fluoride Window Barium Lanthanum Tin Oxide Sputtering Target Barium Magnesium Aluminate, Europium-Doped
Barium Niobate Barium Niobate Sputtering Target Barium Vanadate Beryllium Fluoride
Beta-Barium Borate (BBO) BGO Crystal Bis(2-phenylbenzothiazolato)(acetylacetonate)iridium(III) Bismuth Ferrite Garnet Sputtering Target
Bismuth Germanate BGO Bismuth Selenide Crystal Bismuth Silicon Oxide Bismuth Telluride Crystal
Bis[2-(2-pyridinyl)phenolato]beryllium Black Phosphorus Boron Nitride Crystal Cadmium Manganese Telluride Crystals
Cadmium Manganese Telluride Sputtering Target Cadmium Niobate Cadmium Selenide Quantum Dots Cadmium Selenide/Cadmium Sulfide Quantum Dots
Cadmium Selenide/Zinc Sulfide Quantum Dots Cadmium Sulfide Cadmium Sulfide Nanoparticles / Nanopowder Cadmium Sulfide Quantum Dots
Cadmium Telluride Quantum Dots Cadmium Tungstate Nanoparticles / Nanopowder Calcium Doped Lanthanum Chromite Paste Calcium Fluoride Activated by Europium
Calcium Fluoride Beam Splitters Calcium Fluoride Window Carbon Quantum Dots CdSeTe/ZnS Quantum Dots
Ce:Lu2SiO5 Ce:LYSO Scintillation Crystal Cerium 55 Concentrate Cerium Carbonate
Cerium doped Barium Titanate Cerium Magnesium Aluminate, Terbium-Doped Cerium Oxide Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder
Cerium Oxide Powder Cerium Oxide, Europium-doped Cerium(IV) Silicate Cerium-doped Calcium Fluoride
Cerium-doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Cesium Iodide Windows Cesium Iodide, activated by Sodium Cesium Iodide, activated by Thallium
Cesium Lead Bromide Cesium Lithium Lanthanum Bromide, Ce-doped Cesium Orthovanadate Cesium Tungstate Nanoparticles
Chromium, Erbium: Yttrium Scandium Gallium Garnet Chromium-doped Silicon Monoxide Sputtering Target CLYC:Ce Scintillation Crystal Cobalt(II,III) Oxide
Copper Phthalocyanine Cordierite Cr,Tm,Ho:YAG Cr-doped Colquiriite
Diffusion Bonded Crystals Diisopropyl Telluride Dysprosium Scandium Oxide Dysprosium Scandium Oxide Sputtering Target
Er,Yb:YVO4 Er:GdVO4 Er:YVO4 Erbium doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (Er:YAG)
Erbium doped Yttrium Aluminum Perovskite (Er:YAP) Erbium Hydroxide Erbium Oxide Erbium-doped Lithium Niobate
Europium doped Lanthanum Fluoride Single Crystal Europium Oxide Fluorine Doped Tin Oxide (FTO) Sputtering Target Fluorine Doped Tin Oxide Coated Glass Slide
Fumed Silica Fused Quartz Fused Quartz Crucibles Fused Quartz Granule
Fused Quartz Monofilament Fused Quartz Powder Fused Quartz Rings Fused Quartz Rod
Fused Quartz Sheet Fused Quartz Spheres Fused Quartz Sputtering Target Fused Quartz Tube
Fused Quartz Viewport Fused Quartz Window Fused Quartz Wool Gadolinium Gallium Garnet
Gadolinium Gallium Oxide Gadolinium Gallium Oxide Sputtering Target Gadolinium Oxysulfide Gadolinium Oxysulfide, Terbium-doped
Gadolinium Scandium Oxide Gallium Antimonide Single Crystal Substrate Gallium Arsenide Single Crystal Substrate Gallium Arsenide Windows
Gallium Phosphate Gallium Phosphide Nanodispersion Gallium Phosphide Single Crystal Substrate Gallium Selenide Crystal
Gallium Selenide Single Crystal Germanium Antimony Selenide Telluride Sputtering Target Germanium Antimony Telluride Germanium Arsenide Selenide
Germanium Carbide Germanium Crystals Germanium Selenide Telluride Germanium Sulfide Ge2S3
Germanium Windows Gold Nanocubes Gold Nanostars Gold Nanourchins
Graphene Quantum Dots Green Glued Crystals Ho:GDVO4 Ho:YVO4
Holmium(III) Hydroxide Holmium-doped Yttrium Lithium Fluoride Indium Arsenide Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide
Indium Phosphide/Zinc Sulfide Quantum Dots Indium Selenide Crystal Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) Indium Zinc Oxide (IZO)
Indium Zinc Oxide Sputtering Target InGaAsP Iron Selenide Telluride Single Crystal Iron Telluride Single Crystal
KBBF Crystal, Nonlinear KRS-5 Thallium Bromoiodide Lanthanum Aluminum Oxide Single Crystal Substrate Lanthanum Borate
Lanthanum Bromide Doped with Cerium Lanthanum Oxysulfide Lead Borate Lead Magnesium Niobate
Lead Magnesium Niobate Sputtering Target Lead Magnesium Niobate/Lead Titanate Lead Selenide Quantum Dots Lead Sulfide Quantum Dots
Lead Tungstate Lithium Aluminum Silicate Sputtering Target Lithium Fluoride Foil Lithium Fluoride Window
Lithium Iodate Lithium Niobate Lithium Niobate Sputtering Target Lithium Niobate Wafer
Lithium Tantalate Lithium Tantalate Sputtering Target Lithium Tantalate Wafer Lithium Triborate
LSAT Single Crystal Substrate Lutetium Aluminum Garnet Lutetium Aluminum Garnet activated by Cerium Lutetium Aluminum Garnet, Praseodymium-doped
Lutetium Aluminum Garnet, Ytterbium-doped Magnesium Aluminate Single Crystal Substrate Magnesium Fluoride Magnesium Fluoride Foil
Magnesium Fluoride Window Magnesium Fluorogermanate, Manganese-Doped Magnesium Phthalocyanine Magnesium-doped Lithium Niobate
Magnesium-Doped Zinc Oxide Quantum Dots Manganese-Doped Zinc Oxide Quantum Dots Manganese-Doped Zinc Selenide Quantum Dots Mercury Cadmium Telluride Wafer
Nd:Ce:Tb:YAG Neodymium Calcium Aluminate Neodymium doped Potassium-Gadolinium Tungstate Neodymium Doped Yttrium Orthovanadate
Neodymium Oxide Neodymium-Doped Gadolinium Orthovanadate Neodymium-doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Neodymium-doped Yttrium Lithium Fluoride
Nickel Tungsten Sputtering Target Palladium Nanostars Palladium Single Crystal Platinum Nanostars
Platinum Octaethylporphyrin Platinum-coated Molybdenum Ribbon Platinum-coated Molybdenum Wire Platinum-coated Tungsten Wire
Potassium Dideuterium Phosphate Potassium Gadolinium Tungstate (KGW) Potassium Tantalum Niobium Oxide (KTN) Potassium Titanyl Arsenate
Potassium Titanyl Phosphate (KTP) Praseodymium Hydroxide Praseodymium(III,IV) Oxide Quartz Boat
Reduced Graphene Oxide Rubidium Titanyl Phosphate Sapphire Monofilament Sapphire Powder
Sapphire Prisms Sapphire Rod Sapphire Sheet Sapphire Sphere
Sapphire Tube Sapphire Wafer Sapphire Windows Scintillation Ce:LSO
Scintillation Ce:YAG Scintillation Ce:YSO Silica doped Zirconia Silicon Chips
Silicon Dioxide, Alumina Doped Nanoparticles Silicon Metal Silicon Nitride Foil Silicon Nitride Windows
Silicon Oxycarbide Silicon Phthalocyanine Dichloride Silicon Phthalocyanine Dihydroxide Silicon Windows
Silver Chloride Ink Silver Chloride Solution Silver Gallium Selenide Silver Ink
Silver Nanospheres Silver Paste Sodium Borosilicate Sodium Chloride Windows
Sodium Iodide Sodium Yttrium Fluoride, Ytterbium And Erbium Doped Sodium Yttrium Fluoride, Ytterbium And Thulium Doped Sodium Yttrium Oxyfluoride, Ytterbium And Erbium Doped
Strontium Aluminate Strontium Aluminate Sputtering Target Strontium Aluminate, Europium and Dysprosium Doped Long-Persistent Blue-Green Phosphor Strontium Aluminate, Europium and Dysprosium Doped Long-Persistent Green Phosphor
Strontium Aluminate, Sr3Al2O6 Strontium Aluminate, Sr4Al14O25 Strontium Bismuth Tantalate Strontium Bismuth Tantalate Sputtering Target
Strontium Gallium Sulfide Strontium Iodide, Europium-doped Strontium Silicate Aluminate, Europium and Dysprosium Doped Strontium Titanate (Bismuth Doped)
Strontium Titanate (Iron-Doped) Strontium Titanate (Niobium Doped) Strontium Titanate (Niobium Doped) Sputtering Target Strontium Titanate Single Crystal Substrate
Terbium Ferrite Sputtering Target Terbium Gallium Garnet Thallium Bromo-Chloride Thallium doped Sodium Iodide
Thulium Germanate Thulium Iron Garnet Thulium-doped Yttrium Lithium Fluoride Tin(II) 2,3-naphthalocyanine
Titanium Doped Sapphire Titanyl Phthalocyanine Tm:GDVO4 Tris(dibenzoylmethane)mono(1,10-phenanthroline)europium
Tris-(8-hydroxyquinoline)aluminum Tris[2-(benzo[b]thiophen-2-yl)pyridinato-C3,N]iridium(III) Tris[2-(p-tolyl)pyridine]iridium(III) Tungsten Oxide Nanoparticle Ink
Vanadyl 2,11,20,29-tetra-tert-butyl-2,3-naphthalocyanine Vanadyl 2,3-naphthalocyanine Vanadyl 3,10,17,24-tetra-tert-butyl-1,8,15,22-tetrakis(dimethylamino)-29H,31H-phthalocyanine Vanadyl Phthalocyanine
Yb:GDVO4 Yb:YAG Crystal Yb:YVO4 YLaSc Crystal, Nonlinear
Ytterbium Aluminum Garnet Ytterbium Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Ytterbium Fluoride Oxide Ytterbium-doped Potassium Gadolinium Tungstate
Ytterbium-doped Potassium Yttrium Tungstate Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (YAG) Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (YAG) doped with Chromium Yttrium Aluminum Garnet doped Thulium
Yttrium Aluminum Garnet doped with Vanadium Yttrium Aluminum Perovskite doped with Cerium Yttrium Aluminum Perovskite doped with Thulium Yttrium Iron Garnet - YIG
Yttrium Iron Garnet - YIG Sputtering Target Yttrium Oxide, Europium Doped Yttrium Oxysulfide Yttrium Scandium Oxide
Yttrium Silicate Yttrium Silicate Sputtering Target Yttrium Vanadate doped with Thulium Yttrium-doped Barium Cerate
Zinc Cadmium Selenide/Zinc Sulfide Quantum Dots Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle Ink Zinc Oxide Quantum Dots Zinc Selenide
Zinc Selenide Beam Splitters Zinc Selenide Lenses Zinc Selenide Windows Zinc Selenide/Zinc Sulfide Quantum Dots
Zinc Silicate, Manganese-doped Zinc Sulfide Crystal Zinc Sulfide Granules Zinc Sulfide Tablets
Zinc Sulfide Wafer Zinc Sulfide Windows Zinc Tungstate Zirconium Pentatelluride
Zirconium Triselenide Zirconium Trisulfide Zirconium Tritelluride ZnCdSeS alloyed Quantum Dots
ZnCuInS/ZnS Quantum Dots ZnMgSe ZnS:Cu,Al Phosphor