American Elements produces several innovative ingredients useful in both increasing the performance and lowering the cost to produce pulp and paper products from high gloss writing paper to tissue & towels to packaging materials.

Our K-white line of kaolin powders is an industry choice for improve paper appearance, giving it varying degrees of gloss, smoothness, brightness, opacity, and most importantly printability. It also plays an important role in fillers and coatings, as its larger particle distribution provides added strength to paper.

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Innovation Case Study #13 American Elements Establishes Low-Cost Kaolin Processing Facility in Inner Mongolia, China

#13 American Elements Establishes Low-Cost Kaolin Processing Facility in Inner Mongolia, China

The Challenge

Kaolin is a naturally occurring ultra-white form of aluminum silicate clays that was first discovered by the Chinese. The name in fact derives from a small Chinese village Kao Ling. The discovery allowed the Chinese to produce the first porcelain ceramic plates and bowls which 18th Century European merchants dubbed “China”. Today, Kaolin finds numerous applications in ceramics, paper production and cosmetics. Each of the uses requires different grades and qualities of Kaolin with costs verifying for each.

The Innovation

In order to drive down the cost of this important material and to better target the various forms to specific applications, American Elements established a Kaolin processing facility adjacent to a high quality deposit in the Inner Mongolia region of Northern China. The facility then created four distinct grades of Kaolin.

The Result

The four grades of kaolin are now marketed by American Elements under the tradename K-White™. K-White 5000™ was developed to be the best in class Kaolin for paper coating, paper filling and deinking recycled paper. It is now used by numerous paper plants in the U.S. and Europe for such purpose.
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Selected Products Supplied to the Paper & Pulp Industry

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Phosphotungstic Acid Hydrate Potassium Aluminate Solution Potassium Zirconium Carbonate Rubidium Chloride
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Sodium Bisulfite Sodium Dithionite Sodium Gluconate Sodium Sulfide
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