About Selenates

Selenate Ion

Selenates are compounds which contain the selenate ion, SeO42-. They are salts or esters of selenic acid, formed by replacing one or both of the hydrogens in that acid with metal ions or organic groups. Selenates are analogous to the more common sulfates, and have similar chemistry, though selenates typically exhibit greater solubility in aqueous solution than their equivalent sulfate. A number of selenates have important commercial uses, often as chemical reagents. Notably, sodium selenate is used in glass production either as a source of elemental selenium, which produces a red hue in glass, or directly as a decolorizing agents. The same chemical is additionally found in insecticides. Though selenium is an essential nutrient for many biological organisms, including humans, in large quantities it is toxic, and thus most selenates are considered toxic chemicals.

Recent Research & Development for Selenates

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