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Ultrasonic-promoted rapid TLP bonding of fine-grained 7034 high strength aluminum alloys.
Environmental friendly technology for aluminum electrolytic capacitors recycling from waste printed circuit boards.
Facile design of ultra-thin anodic aluminum oxide membranes for the fabrication of plasmonic nanoarrays.
Simulation of phase explosion in the nanosecond laser ablation of aluminum.
Assessment of airborne nanoparticles present in industry of aluminum surface treatments.
Development of a nickel plated aluminum krypton-81m target system.
Poly(carboxylate ether)-based superplasticizer achieves workability retention in calcium aluminate cement.
A non-chiral lithium aluminate reagent for the determination of enantiomeric excess of chiral alcohols.
Can zinc aluminate-titania composite be an alternative for alumina as microelectronic substrate?
Role of Adsorption Phenomena in Cubic Tricalcium Aluminate Dissolution.
Anodized Aluminum Oxide Templated Synthesis of Metal-Organic Frameworks Used as Membrane Reactors.
The Immunogenicity of Thin-Film Freeze-Dried, Aluminum Salt-adjuvanted Vaccine When Exposed to Different Temperatures.
Development of LiCl-containing calcium aluminate cement for bone repair and remodeling applications.
Chemical removal of nitrate from water by aluminum-iron alloys.
The (oxalato)aluminate complex as an antimicrobial substance protecting the "shiro" of Tricholoma matsutake from soil micro-organisms.
Geno- and cytotoxicity induced on Cyprinus carpio by aluminum, iron, mercury and mixture thereof.
Application of aluminum chloride phthalocyanine-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles for photodynamic inactivation of melanoma cells.
Toward understanding the mechanism underlying the strong adjuvant activity of aluminum salt nanoparticles. Ruwona TB, Xu H, Li X, Taylor AN, Shi Y, Cui Z. Vaccine 2016;34:3059-67.
Stabilizing cadmium into aluminate and ferrite structures: Effectiveness and leaching behavior.
Metal exposures from aluminum cookware: An unrecognized public health risk in developing countries.