About Iodates

Iodate Ion

Iodates are a class of iodine-containing chemical compounds analogous to the chlorine-containing chlorates. In these compounds, an ionic bond is formed between a metal cation and the iodate anion, which consists of one atom of iodine covalently bound to three atoms of oxygen, and carries a formal charge of -1. Iodates are frequently used in some versions of a common chemistry demonstration known as the “iodine clock reaction”, in which consecutive redox reactions cause a solution to cycle from colorless to blue repeatedly until the reducing agent is depleted. Iodates are oxidizing agents, and some are used in this capacity in chemical synthesis or in personal care products such as antiseptics and deodorants. Additionally, iodates that do not contain toxic metals, such as potassium iodate or calcium iodate, can be used for iodine supplements or radioactivity prophylaxis treatments.

Recent Research & Development for Iodates

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