CAS No. 60627-09-0

Chemical Identifiers

Linear Formula CeF4• xH2O
Pubchem CID 71317457
MDL Number MFCD00049422
EC No. N/A
IUPAC Name cerium(4+); tetrafluoride; hydrate
Beilstein/Reaxys No. N/A
InchI Identifier InChI=1S/Ce.4FH.H2O/h;4*1H;1H2/q+4;;;;;/p-4

Health & Safety Information

Signal Word Warning
Hazard Statements H331-H302-H312-H315-H319-H335
Hazard Codes N/A
Precautionary Statements P261-P280-P305+P351+P338-P304+P340-P405-P501a
Flash Point Not applicable
Risk Codes 20/21/22-36/37/38
Safety Statements 20/21/22-36/37/38
RTECS Number N/A
Transport Information UN3288 6.1/PG III
WGK Germany NONH


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