American Elements Expands Organometallic Compounds Production to Meet Demand From Thin Film And Catalyst Manufacturers

Press Release: January 20, 2023

Los Angeles-based materials science company American Elements announced the further expansion of its rare earth and less common metals organometallics production facilities to meet growing demand for the materials as precursors for thin film deposition, including chemical vapor deposition (CVD and MOCVD) and in the production of catalysts used in the hydrocarbon and petrochemical industries.

At full capacity, the new facility can deliver several metric tons of high-purity compounds monthly. The new production capability will affect deliveries beginning immediately and small quantities for testing and qualification are now available. This will also expand American Elements' production of several related compounds, including lanthanum and cerium 2-ethylhexanoate (or octoate) and hafnium and and zirconium acetylacetonate; products which the company has long been a market leader in.

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