About Refractory Metals & Alloys

Refractory Metals and their alloys are a special class of materials with exceptionally high melting points and resistance to corrosion, wear and abrasion, thermal shock, and creep deformation. In addition to their melting points (greater than 2200 °C), these metals exhibit excellent tensile strength, hardness, and densities, and are both electrically and heat-conducting, making them ideal materials for uniquely high temperature, demanding environments.

The primary refractory metals are niobium, tungsten, tantalum, molybdenum , and rhenium in pure metallic or alloyed forms. Other metals that are occasionally considered refractory are hafnium, zirconium, and iridium.

The unique properties of refractory metals are key to numerous industrial applications and equipment. Examples include crystal growth equipment such as crucibles and furnaces, aerospace and jet engine parts, nuclear reactors, microelectronics components such capacitors and filaments, dental and biomedical implants, diagnostic imaging and radiology equipment, and machinery for metallurgy, chemical processing, and oil and gas production.

Refractory metals are notoriously difficult to process, given their physical properties. American Elements engineers are experts in manufacturing high quality precision refractory components and can provide guidance in material selection. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities include casting, extruding, cutting, hot-pressing, sintering, vacuum-arc or electron-beam melting, gun-drilling and machining, heat treating, zone-refining, and annealing. Forms include tubing, wire, rod and bar stock, foils, sheets and plates, ribbons and strips, ingots, crucibles, and custom parts in both standard and customized dimensions and tolerances.

We also offer contract packaging, custom toll chemical processing services and custom alloy atomization. All refractory metal and alloy products are subject to rigorous inspection and testing to meet ASTM, ASME and AWS standards.

Below is a mere selection of our extensive refractory special metal and alloy product catalog. Contact an American Elements refractory metals specialist at refractory-metals@americanelements.com to discuss your unique requirements.