Bis(6-Diphenylphosphinoacenaphth-5-yl)Telluride as a Ligand toward Manganese and Rhenium Carbonyls.

Author(s) Do, T.Giang; Hupf, E.; Lork, E.; Beckmann, J.
Journal Molecules
Date Published 2018 Oct 29

The reaction of the previously known bis(6-diphenylphosphinoacenaphthyl-5-)telluride (6-Ph₂P-Ace-5-)₂Te () with (CO)₅ReCl and (CO)₅MnBr proceeded with the liberation of CO and provided -(6-Ph₂P-Ace-5-)₂TeM(X)(CO)₃ (-: M = Re, X = Cl; -: M = Mn, X = Br), in which acts as bidentate ligand. In solution, - and - are engaged in a reversible equilibrium with -(6-Ph₂P-Ace-5-)₂TeM(X)(CO)₃ (-: M = Re, X = Cl; -: M = Mn, X = Br). Unlike -, - is prone to release another equivalent of CO to give (6-Ph₂P-Ace-5-)₂TeMn(Br)(CO)₂ (), in which serves as tridentate ligand.

DOI 10.3390/molecules23112805
Keywords Chemistry Techniques, Synthetic; Crystallography, X-Ray; Ligands; Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy; Manganese; Molecular Structure; Organometallic Compounds; Rhenium; Tellurium
ISSN 1420-3049
Citation Molecules. 2018;23(11).

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