Comparison of Lutetium-177 tin colloid and Rhenium-188 tin colloid radiosynovectomy in chronic knee arthritis.

Author(s) Shamim, S.Ahmed; Arora, G.; Jha, P.; Gupta, P.; Behera, A.; Mukherjee, A.; Prabhu, M.; Ansari, M.Tahir; Vyas, S.; Bal, C.
Journal Nucl Med Commun
Date Published 2020 May 08

OBJECTIVE: To assess the role of Lutetium-177(Lu-177) tin colloid for radiosynovectomy and compare it with Rhenium-188 (Re-188) tin colloid radiosynovectomy for alleviation of pain in patients with chronic inflammatory arthritis of knee.

METHODS: Patients of chronic inflammatory arthritis of the knee underwent pretherapeutic evaluation in a form of knee ultrasonogram, bone scan and clinical evaluation. Fifty-seven recruited patients were allocated at random to receive either intraarticular injections of Lu-177 tin colloid or Re-188 tin colloid. Eventually, 27 patients received Re-188 tin colloid and 30 patients received Lu-177 tin colloid. The joint was then immobilized for 2 days. Response evaluation was done using knee ultrasound, bone scan and clinical findings.

RESULT: Of 30, 20 patients responded to radiosynovectomy in the Lu-177 tin colloid group compared to 21/27 patients in the Re-188 tin colloid group.

CONCLUSION: Lu-177 tin colloid is an effective alternative to Re-188 tin colloid for radiosynovectomy in patients with chronic inflammatory knee arthritis.

DOI 10.1097/MNM.0000000000001210
ISSN 1473-5628
Citation Nucl Med Commun. 2020.

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