Author(s) Liu, H.; Li, Y.; Mao, A.; Yang, C.; Hu, W.; Gu, X.; Zhang, Y.
Journal Lasers Med Sci
Date Published 2019 Apr 17

The laser source with 3 μm/2 μm output wavelength has many application prospects in clinical medicine, photoelectric countermeasure, and scientific research measurement. An Er doped ZBLAN fiber laser with output wavelength of 2 .8 μm and 1 .6 μm is experimentally studied. By setting the pump power to 5 W, a continuous dual-wavelength output with a central wavelength of 2.803 μm and 1.61 μm is obtained and the corresponding maximum output power is 362.4 mW and 108.6 mW. The slope efficiency is 12.1% and 4.94% respectively. What's more, the slope efficiency is 12.1% and 4.94% respectively, and the fluctuation rates of peak power of the two wavelengths are 9.7% and 2.1% within 4 h which indicate that the laser has relatively good stability.

DOI 10.1007/s10103-019-02766-9
ISSN 1435-604X
Citation Lasers Med Sci. 2019.

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