Dynamic X-ray diffraction imaging of the ferroelectric response in bismuth ferrite.

Author(s) Laanait, N.; Saenrang, W.; Zhou, H.; Eom, C.B.; Zhang, Z.
Journal Adv Struct Chem Imaging
Date Published 2017

X-ray diffraction imaging is rapidly emerging as a powerful technique by which one can capture the local structure of crystalline materials at the nano- and meso-scale. Here, we present investigations of the dynamic structure of epitaxial monodomain BiFeO3 thin-films using a novel full-field Bragg diffraction imaging modality. By taking advantage of the depth penetration of hard X-rays and their exquisite sensitivity to the atomic structure, we imaged in situ and in operando, the electric field-driven structural responses of buried BiFeO3 epitaxial thin-films in micro-capacitor devices, with sub-100 nm lateral resolution. These imaging investigations were carried out at acquisition frame rates that reached up to 20 Hz and data transfer rates of 40 MB/s, while accessing diffraction contrast that is sensitive to the entire three-dimensional unit cell configuration. We mined these large datasets for material responses by employing matrix decomposition techniques, such as independent component analysis. We found that this statistical approach allows the extraction of the salient physical properties of the ferroelectric response of the material, such as coercive fields and transient spatiotemporal modulations in their piezoelectric response, and also facilitates their decoupling from extrinsic sources that are instrument specific.

DOI 10.1186/s40679-017-0044-3
ISSN 2198-0926
Citation Adv Struct Chem Imaging. 2017;3(1):11.

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