Author(s) Zhai, M.; Yang, D.; Yi, W.; Sun, W.
Journal Adipocyte
Date Published 2020 12

As an important second messenger in adipocytes, calcium ions (Ca) are essential in regulating various intracellular signalling pathways that control critical cellular functions. Calcium channels show selective permeability to Ca and facilitate Ca entry into the cytoplasm, which are normally located in the plasmatic and intracellular membranes. The increase of cytosolic Ca modulates a variety of signalling pathways and results in the transcription of target genes that contribute to adipogenesis, a key cellular event includes proliferation and differentiation of adipocyte. In the past decades, the involvement of some Ca-permeable ion channels, such as Ca release-activated Ca channels, transient receptor potential channels, voltage-gated calcium channels and others, in adipogenesis has been extensively explored. In the present review, we provided a summary of the expression and contributions of these Ca-permeable channels in mediating Ca influxes that drive adipogenesis. Moreover, we discussed their potentials as future therapeutic targets.

DOI 10.1080/21623945.2020.1738792
ISSN 2162-397X
Citation Adipocyte. 2020;9(1):132141.