Novel in situ method based on diffusive gradients in thin-films with lanthanum oxide nanoparticles for measuring As, Sb, and V and in waters.

Author(s) Li, K.; Liu, Z.; Shi, X.; Wei, T.J.; Ma, L.Q.; Luo, J.
Journal J Hazard Mater
Date Published 2020 Feb 05

Lanthanum oxide nanoparticles (nano-LaO) was used to develop a novel binding gel within an in situ passive sampler based on diffusive gradients in thin-films technique (NL-DGT) for measuring As(V), Sb(V), and V(V). Performance characteristics of NL-DGT were independent of pH (pH: 3.1-7.9 for As, 3.1-8.5 for V, and 3.1-6.5 for Sb) and ionic strength (0.1-500 mmol L for As and V, and 0.1-200 mmol L for Sb). No obvious competition effects among As, Sb, and V with different concentration ratios were found for NL-DGT measurement. Long term storage (8-188 d) of the nano-LaO gels in 0.01 mol L NaNO at 4 °C did not affect their performance. During the field deployments in Yangtze and Jiuxiang River, NL-DGT measured concentrations of As and V were similar to those measured by the grab samples, while some differences were found for Sb between DGT and grab sampling because higher pH (∼8.0) in the studied rivers caused the performance deterioration of NL-DGT. Generally, the newly developed NL-DGT is suitable for monitoring As and V in freshwater from acidic to light alkaline and Sb in acidic and neutral water.

DOI 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2019.121196
ISSN 1873-3336
Citation J Hazard Mater. 2020;383:121196.

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