Silver ions enhanced AuNCs fluorescence as a turn-off nanoprobe for ultrasensitive detection of iodide.

Author(s) Hou, W.; Chen, Y.; Lu, Q.; Liu, M.; Zhang, Y.; Yao, S.
Journal Talanta
Date Published 2018 Apr 01

Fluorescence nanoprobes are frequently employed to construct sensitive biosensors via turn-on and turn-off strategy. In this paper, a novel strategy for ultrasensitive detection of iodide was firstly constructed based on Agregulated photoluminescence enhancement of gold nanoclusters (AuNCs) as a turn-off nanoplatform. In the presence of Ag, the fluorescence (FL) intensity of AuNCs can be enhanced obviously. When adding iodide ions (I) in the Ag-AuNCs, Agcan be pulled down from AuNCs and results in quenching of the fluorescent effectively owing to the combination between Agand I. Compared with that of Idirectly reaction with AuNCs, the introducing of Agshows improved quenching efficiency from 32% to 66% since Ican react with Agas well as AuNCs. Therefore, the platform could be applied to assay Agand I, on the basis of the FL enhancement and the further FL quenching. The detection ranges and detection limits were 0.2-12μM and 0.06μM for Ag, 0.001-6μM and 0.3nM for I, respectively. The new sensing method based on ion regulation to enhance the detection sensitivity can extend to the appliance of other fluorescent materials in biosensing and biomedical field.

DOI 10.1016/j.talanta.2017.12.047
ISSN 1873-3573
Citation Talanta. 2018;180:144149.

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