Single-molecule magnet behaviour in a dysprosium-triradical complex.

Author(s) Xiao, Z.X.; Miao, H.; Shao, D.; Wei, H.Y.; Zhang, Y.Q.; Wang, X.Y.
Journal Chem Commun (Camb)
Date Published 2018 Aug 28

The first triradical bridged binuclear penta-spin single-molecule magnet, [Dy2(hfac)6(BTR)], based on a nitronyl nitroxide triradical was synthesized and characterized. Theoretical calculations revealed Dy-radical antiferromagnetic coupling and radical-radical ferromagnetic coupling. The SMM behavior is found to originate from the exchange states, rather than the isolated Dy3+ center.

DOI 10.1039/c8cc04739a
ISSN 1364-548X
Citation Chem Commun (Camb). 2018;54(70):97269729.

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