Single photon emission from top-down etched III-nitride quantum dots.

Author(s) Hou, Y.; Wang, Y.; Ai, Q.
Journal Nanotechnology
Date Published 2020 Mar 27

We report the single photon emission properties of III-nitride quantum dots (QDs) fabricated by electrochemical etching method from an epitaxial wafer. Through such top-down fabrication, QDs with diameters of sub-10 nm are obtained, embedded in GaN nanoneedles. Owing to the size induced quantum confinement effect, the photoluminescence of the QDs exhibits a 3.35 nm blueshift compared with that of the epitaxial wafer. At low temperature, a second order correlation value down to 0.123 is observed, indicating a high-purity single photon emission. Our QDs manifest single photon emission at a temperature up to 130 K with a high degree of polarization of 0.69, comparable to those QDs synthesized by epitaxial growth. Our work demonstrates single photon emission are viable in top-down QDs by electrochemical etching III-nitride wafers.

DOI 10.1088/1361-6528/ab6477
ISSN 1361-6528
Citation Nanotechnology. 2020;31(13):13LT01.

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