Temperature- and field-driven spin reorientations in triple-layer ruthenate SrRuO.

Author(s) Zhu, M.; Li, P.G.; Wang, Y.; Cao, H.B.; Tian, W.; Zhang, H.D.; Phelan, B.D.; Mao, Z.Q.; Ke, X.
Journal Sci Rep
Date Published 2018 Mar 02

SrRuO, the n = 3 member of the Ruddlesden-Popper type ruthenate SrRu O, is known to exhibit a peculiar metamagnetic transition in an in-plane magnetic field. However, the nature of both the temperature- and field-dependent phase transitions remains as a topic of debate. Here, we have investigated the magnetic transitions of SrRuO via single-crystal neutron diffraction measurements. At zero field, we find that the system undergoes a ferromagnetic transition with both in-plane and out-of-plane magnetic components at T ≈ 100 K. Below T  = 50 K, the magnetic moments incline continuously toward the out-of-plane direction. At T = 1.5 K, where the spins are nearly aligned along the c axis, a spin reorientation occurs above a critical field B, giving rise to a spin component perpendicular to the plane defined by the field direction and the c axis. We suggest that both the temperature- and field-driven spin reorientations are associated with a change in the magnetocrystalline anisotropy, which is strongly coupled to the lattice degrees of freedom. This study elucidates the long-standing puzzles on the zero-field magnetic orders of SrRuO and provides new insights into the nature of the field-induced metamagnetic transition.

DOI 10.1038/s41598-018-22247-3
ISSN 2045-2322
Citation Sci Rep. 2018;8(1):3914.

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