Author(s) Rojek, J.; Kozieradzka-Kiszkurno, M.; Kapusta, M.; Aksmann, A.; Jacewicz, D.; Drzeżdżon, J.; Tesmar, A.; Zamojc, K.; Wyrzykowski, D.; Chmurzyński, L.
Journal Funct Plant Biol
Date Published 2019 Jun 17

The impact of oxydiacetate oxidovanadium(IV) complexes on plants is currently unknown. This report demonstrates the influence of these complexes on Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh. In the presence of 10-6M vanadium(IV) complexes, plants proceeded through their entire life cycle, with the occurrence of proper morphological and cytological organisation of leaf and root tissues. The addition of 10-1M H2O2 caused root damage, leaf necrosis, and plant death at around the seventh day, due to the destruction of the root system. Pretreatment of the plants with 10-6M of vanadium(IV) compounds: VOSO4 and VO(oda), alleviated the effects of H2O2 to some extent. Plants pretreated with 10-6M vanadium(IV) complexes survived longer despite the presence of H2O2. Considering the higher rate of plant survival in the presence of VOSO4, and the relatively high photosynthetic parameters and anthocyanin contents in the cells, we conclude that this vanadium(IV) compound can have positive effects on plants that are grown under stress conditions.

DOI 10.1071/FP18262
ISSN 1445-4416
Citation Funct Plant Biol. 2019.

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