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Erbium Erbium Erbio Érbio Erbio Erbium

Elemental Erbium PictureErbium is a Block F, Group 3, Period 6 element. Erbium Bohr ModelThe number of electrons in each of Erbium's shells is 2, 8, 18, 30, 8, 2 and its electronic configuration is [Xe]4f12 6s2. In its elemental form, CAS 7440-52-0, erbium has a silvery white appearance. The erbium atom has a radius of and it's Van der Waals radius is unknown. Erbium is named after the Swedish town, Ytterby and was first discovered by Carl Mosander in 1843. Erbium is found in monazite sand ores.

Erbium has application in glass coloring, as an amplifier in fiber optics, and in lasers for medical and dental use. The ion has a very narrow absorption band coloring erbium salts pink. It is therefore used in eyeware and decorative glassware. It can neutralize discoloring impurities such as ferric ions and produce a neutral gray shade. It is used in a variety of glass products for this purpose. It is particularly useful as an amplifier for fiber optic data transfer. Erbium lases at the wavelength required to provide an efficient optical method of amplification, 1.55 microns. Lasers based on Er:YAG are ideally suited for surgical applications because of its ability to deliver energy without thermal build-up in tissue. Erbium is available as metal and compounds with purities from 99% to 99.999% (ACS grade to ultra-high purity). High Purity (99.999%) Erbium (Er) Sputtering Target Elemental or metallic forms include pellets, rod, wire and granules for evaporation source material purposes. High Purity (99.999%) Erbium Oxide (Er2O3) PowderErbium nanoparticles and nanopowders provide ultra-high surface area which nanotechnology research and recent experiments demonstrate function to create new and unique properties and benefits. Oxides are available in powder and dense pellet form for such uses as optical coating and thin film applications. Oxides tend to be insoluble. Fluorides are another insoluble form for uses in which oxygen is undesirable such as metallurgy, chemical and physical vapor deposition and in some optical coatings. Erbium is also available in soluble forms including chlorides, nitrates and acetates. These compounds can be manufactured as solutions at specified stoichiometries.

Erbium is moderately toxic. Safety data for Erbium and its compounds can vary widely depending on the form. For potential hazard information, toxicity, and road, sea and air transportation limitations, such as DOT Hazard Class, DOT Number, EU Number, NFPA Health rating and RTECS Class, please see the specific material or compound referenced in the Products tab below.

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Erbium Properties

Symbol: Er Melting Point: 1529 oC, 2784.2 oF, 1802.15 K
Atomic Number: 68 Boiling Point: 2868 oC, 5194.4 oF, 3141.15 K
Atomic Weight: 382.56 Density: 9066 kg/m³
Element Category: Lanthanides Liquid Density @ Melting Point: 8.86 g·cm−3
Group, Period, Block: n/a, 6, f Specific Heat: 0.0401 Cal/g/K @ 25°C
    Heat of Vaporization 67 K-Cal/gm atom at 2863°C
CHEMICAL STRUCTURE Heat of Fusion 4.10 Cal/gm mole
Electrons: 68 Thermal Conductivity: 0.145 W/cm/K @ 298.2 K
Protons: 68 Thermal Expansion: (r.t.) (poly) 12.2 µm/(m·K)
Neutrons: 99 Electrical Resistivity: 107.0 microhm-cm @ 25°C
Electron Configuration: [Xe] 4f126s2 Electronegativity: 1.2 Paulings
Atomic Radius: 176 pm Tensile Strength: N/A
Covalent Radius: 189±6 pm Molar Heat Capacity: 28.12 J·mol−1·K−1
Van der Waals radius: 235 pm Young's Modulus: 69.9 GPa
Oxidation States: 3, 2, 1 (basic oxide) Shear Modulus: 28.3 GPa
Phase: Solid Bulk Modulus: 44.4 GPa
Crystal Structure: hexagonal close-packed Poisson Ratio: 0.237
Magnetic Ordering: paramagnetic Mohs Hardness: N/A
1st Ionization Energy: 589.31 kJ mol-1 Vickers Hardness: 589 MPa
2nd Ionization Energy: 1151.08 kJ mol-1 Brinell Hardness: 814 MPa
3rd Ionization Energy: 2194.09 kJ mol-1 Speed of Sound: (20 °C) 2830 m·s−1
CAS Number: 7440-52-0 Abundance in typical human body, by weight: N/A
ChemSpider ID: 22416 Abundance in typical human body, by atom: N/A
PubChem CID: 23980 Abundance in universe, by weight: 2 ppb
MDL Number: MFCD00010987 Abundance in universe, by atom: 0.01 ppb
EC Number: 231-160-1 Discovered By: Carl Gustaf Mosander
Beilstein Number: N/A Discovery Date: 1842
SMILES Identifier: [Er]  
InChI Identifier: InChI=1S/Er Other Names: Erbio

Erbium Products

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Recent Research & Development for Erbium

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Erbium Isotopes

Naturally occurring erbium (Er) has 6 stable isotopes: 162Er, 164Er, 166Er, 167Er, 168Er, and 170Er.

Nuclide Symbol Isotopic Mass Half-Life Nuclear Spin
162Er 161.928778 Observationally Stable 0+
164Er 163.929200 Observationally Stable 0+
166Er 165.9302931 Observationally Stable 0+
167Er 166.9320482 Observationally Stable 7/2+
168Er 167.9323702 Observationally Stable 0+
170Er 169.9354643 Observationally Stable 0+