Helium Elemental Symbol

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Héliu Helium Elio Hélio Helio Helium

Helium Bohr ModelHelium is a Block S, Group 18, Period 1 element. The number of electrons in each of Helium's shells is 2 and its electronic configuration is 1s2. In its elemental form helium's CAS number is 7440-59-7. The helium atom has a covalent radius of 28.pm and it's Van der Waals radius is 140.pm. Commercial helium is extracted from natural gas. Helium was discovered by Pierre Janssen and Norman Lockyer in 1868. It was first isolated by William Ramsay, Per Teodor Cleve and Abraham Langlet in 1895.

Helium is not toxic. Helium information, including technical data, safety data and its high purity properties, research, applications and other useful facts are specified below. Scientific facts such as the atomic structure, ionization energy, abundance on Earth, conductivity and thermal properties are included.

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Helium Properties

Symbol: He Melting Point: -272.2 oC, -457.96 oF, 0.950 K
Atomic Number: 2 Boiling Point: -268.93 oC, -452.074 oF, 4.220 K
Atomic Weight: 4.003 Density: 120 (4.22 K) kg m-3
Element Category: noble gases Liquid Density @ Melting Point: 0.145 g·cm−3
Group, Period, Block: 18, 1, s Specific Heat: N/A
    Heat of Vaporization 0.0829 kJ·mol−1
CHEMICAL STRUCTURE Heat of Fusion 0.0138 kJ·mol−1
Electrons: 2 Thermal Conductivity: 0.1513 W·m−1·K−1
Protons: 2 Thermal Expansion: N/A
Neutrons: 2 Electrical Resistivity: N/A
Electron Configuration: 1s2 Electronegativity: N/A
Atomic Radius: N/A Tensile Strength: N/A
Covalent Radius: 28 pm Molar Heat Capacity: 5R/2 = 20.786 J·mol−1·K−1
Van der Waals radius: 140 pm Young's Modulus: N/A
Oxidation States: 0 Shear Modulus: N/A
Phase: Gas Bulk Modulus: N/A
Crystal Structure: hexagonal close-packed Poisson Ratio: N/A
Magnetic Ordering: diamagnetic Mohs Hardness: N/A
1st Ionization Energy: 2372.3 kJ·mol−1 Vickers Hardness: N/A
2nd Ionization Energy: 5250.5 kJ·mol−1 Brinell Hardness: N/A
3rd Ionization Energy: N/A Speed of Sound: 972 m·s−1
CAS Number: 7440-59-7 Abundance in typical human body, by weight: N/A
ChemSpider ID: 22423 Abundance in typical human body, by atom: N/A
PubChem CID: 23987 Abundance in universe, by weight: 230000000 ppb
MDL Number: MFCD00011031 Abundance in universe, by atom: 72000000 ppb
EC Number: 231-168-5 Discovered By: Pierre Janssen, Norman Lockyer
Beilstein Number: N/A Discovery Date: 1868
SMILES Identifier: [He]  
InChI Identifier: InChI=1S/He Other Names: Elio, Hélio

Recent Research & Development for Helium

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Helium Isotopes

Helium has two stable isotopes: 3He and 4He.

Nuclide Symbol Isotopic Mass Half-Life Nuclear Spin
3He 3.0160293191 Stable 1/2+
4He 4.0026032542 Stable 0+