Oxygen Elemental Symbol

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Oxygen Oxygen Ossigeno Oxigênio Oxígeno Syre

Oxygen Element SymbolOxygen is a Block P, Group 16, Period 2 element. Its electron configuration is [He]2s22p4 . The oxygen atom has a covalent radius of 66±2 pm and its Van der Waals radius is 152 pm. In its elemental form, CAS 7782-44-7, oxygen is colorless gas or a pale blue liquid. Oxygen was discovered by Carl Wilhelm Scheele in 1772. The name oxygen is derived from the Greek word oxys, meaning acid because, at the time of its naming, it was thought that acids required oxygen in their composition.

Oxygen information, including technical data, safety data and its high purity properties, research, applications and other useful facts are specified below. Scientific facts such as the atomic structure, ionization energy, abundance on Earth, conductivity and thermal properties are included. For additional information please see the Oxide Information Center.

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Oxygen Properties

Symbol: O Melting Point: -218.79 oC, -361.822 oF, 54.36 K
Atomic Number: 8 Boiling Point: -182.962 oC, -297.332 oF
Atomic Weight: 16.00 Density: (0 °C, 101.325 kPa) 1.429 g/L
Element Category: nonmetal, chalcogen Liquid Density @ Melting Point: 1.141 g·cm−3
Group, Period, Block: 16 (chalcogens), 2, p Specific Heat: N/A
    Heat of Vaporization 6.82 kJ·mol−1
CHEMICAL STRUCTURE Heat of Fusion 0.444 kJ·mol−1
Electrons: 8 Thermal Conductivity: 26.58x10-3  W·m−1·K−1
Protons: 8 Thermal Expansion: N/A
Neutrons: 8 Electrical Resistivity: N/A
Electron Configuration: [He]2s22p4 Electronegativity: 3.44 (Pauling scale)
Atomic Radius: N/A Tensile Strength: N/A
Covalent Radius: 66±2 pm Molar Heat Capacity: 29.378 J·mol−1·K−1
Van der Waals radius: 152 pm Young's Modulus: N/A
Oxidation States: 2, 1, −1, −2 Shear Modulus: N/A
Phase: Gas Bulk Modulus: N/A
Crystal Structure: cubic Poisson Ratio: N/A
Magnetic Ordering: paramagnetic Mohs Hardness: N/A
1st Ionization Energy: 1313.9 kJ·mol−1 Vickers Hardness: N/A
2nd Ionization Energy: 3388.3 kJ·mol−1 Brinell Hardness: N/A
3rd Ionization Energy: 5300.5 kJ·mol−1 Speed of Sound: (gas, 27 °C) 330 m·s−1
CAS Number: 7782-44-7 Abundance in typical human body, by weight: N/A
ChemSpider ID: 140526 Abundance in typical human body, by atom: N/A
PubChem CID: 977 Abundance in universe, by weight: N/A
MDL Number: MFCD00011434 Abundance in universe, by atom: N/A
EC Number: 231-956-9 Discovered By: Carl Wilhelm Scheele
Beilstein Number: N/A Discovery Date: 1772
SMILES Identifier: O  
InChI Identifier: InChI=1S/O Other Names: Ossigeno, Oxigênio, Syre

Oxide Products


Aluminum Oxide
Antimony Oxide Sb2O3
Antimony Oxide Sb2O5
Arsenic Oxide As2O3
Arsenic Oxide As2O5
Barium Oxide
Beryllium Oxide
Bismuth Oxide
Boron Oxide
Cadmium Oxide
Calcium Oxide
Cerium Oxide
Cerium Oxide, Calcium doped Nanopowder
Cerium Oxide, Praseodymium doped
Cerium Oxide, Samarium doped Nanopowder
Cerium Oxide, Yttria doped Nanopowder
Cesium Oxide
Chromium Oxide
Chromium doped Silicon Oxide
Cobalt Oxide CoO
Cobalt Oxide Co3O4
Copper Oxide CuO
Copper Oxide Cu2O
Dysprosium Oxide
Erbium Oxide
Europium Oxide
Gadolinium Oxide
GZO (Gadolinium Oxide doped Zinc Oxide)
Gallium Oxide
Germanium Oxide
Gold Oxide
Digold Trioxide
Hafnium Oxide
Holmium Oxide
Indium Oxide
Iodine Oxide
Iridium Oxide
Iron Oxide FeO
Iron Oxide Fe2O3
Iron Oxide Fe3O4
Lanthanum Oxide
Lead Oxide PbO
Lead Oxide Pb3O4
Lithium Oxide
Lutetium Oxide
Magnesium Oxide
Manganese Oxide MnO
Manganese Oxide MnO2
Manganese Oxide Mn2O3
Manganese Oxide Mn3O4
Mercury Oxide
Molybdenum Oxide
Molybdenum(IV) Oxide
Neodymium Oxide
Nickel Oxide
Niobium Oxide NbO
Niobium Oxide NbO2
Niobium Oxide Nb2O5
Osmium Oxide OsO2
Osmium Oxide OsO4
Palladium Oxide
Platinum Oxide
Platinum(IV) Oxide Hydrate
Platinum(IV) Oxide Monohydrate
Potassium Oxide
Praseodymium Oxide Pr2O3
Praseodymium Oxide Pr6O11
Rhenium Oxide ReO2
Rhenium Oxide ReO3
Rhenium Oxide Re2O7
Rhodium Oxide
Rubidium Oxide
Ruthenium Oxide
Ruthenium Oxide Anhydrous
Hydrated Ruthenic Oxide
Samarium Oxide
Scandium Oxide
Selenium Oxide
Silicon Oxide
Silver Oxide AgO
Silver Oxide Ag2O
Disilver Oxide
Sodium Oxide
Strontium Oxide
Tantalum Oxide
Tellurium Oxide
Terbium Oxide
Thallium(I) Oxide
Thallium(III) Oxide
Thorium Oxide
Thulium Oxide
Tin Oxide SnO
Tin Oxide SnO2
Titanium Oxide TiO
Titanium Oxide TiO2
Titanium Oxide Ti2O3
Titanium Oxide Ti3O5
Tungsten Oxide WO2
Tungsten Oxide WO3
Uranium Oxide
Vanadium Oxide V2O3
Vanadium Oxide V6O13
Vanadium(II) Oxide VO
Vanadium(IV) Oxide VO2
Vanadium(V) Oxide V2O5
Ytterbium Oxide
Yttrium Oxide
Zinc Oxide
Zirconium Oxide

Oxide Pellets

Aluminum Oxide Pellets
Antimony Oxide Pellets
Arsenic Oxide Pellets
Beryllium Oxide Pellets
Boron Oxide Pellets
Cadmium Oxide Pellets
Cerium Oxide Pellets
Cerium(IV) Oxide Samarium doped Pellets
Cesium Oxide Pellets
Chromium Oxide Pellets
Cobalt Oxide Pellets
Copper Oxide Pellets
Dysprosium Oxide Pellets
Gadolinium Oxide Pellets
Germanium Oxide Pellets
Gold Oxide Pellets
Hafnium Oxide Pellets
Indium Oxide Pellets
Iridium Oxide Pellets
Iron Oxide Pellets
Lanthanum Oxide Pellets
Magnesium Oxide Pellets
Manganese Oxide Pellets
Molybdenum Oxide Pellets
Nickel Oxide Pellets
Praseodymium Oxide Pellets
Rhodium Oxide Pellets
Rubidium Oxide Pellets
Samarium Oxide Pellets
Scandium Oxide Pellets
Silver Oxide Pellets
Sodium Oxide Pellets
Tantalum Oxide Pellets
Tellurium Oxide Pellets
Terbium Oxide Pellets
Titanium Oxide Pellets
Tungsten Oxide Pellets
Uranium Oxide Pellets
Vanadium Oxide Pellets
Ytterbium Oxide Pellets
Yttrium Aluminum Oxide Pellets
Yttrium Oxide Pellets
Zinc Oxide Pellets
Zirconium Oxide Pellets
Oxide Powder

Aluminum Oxide Powder
Antimony Oxide Powder
Arsenic Oxide Powder
Barium Oxide Powder
Beryllium Oxide Powder
Bismuth Oxide Powder
Boron Oxide Powder
Cadmium Oxide Powder
Calcium Oxide Powder
Cerium Oxide Powder
Cesium Oxide Powder
Chromium Oxide Powder
Cobalt Oxide Powder
Copper Oxide Powder
Dysprosium Oxide Powder
Erbium Oxide Powder
Europium Oxide Powder
Gadolinium Oxide Powder
Gallium Oxide Powder
Germanium Oxide Powder
Gold Oxide Powder
Hafnium Oxide Powder
Holmium Oxide Powder
Indium Oxide Powder
Iridium Oxide Powder
Iron Oxide Powder
Lanthanum Oxide Powder
Lead Oxide Powder
Lithium Oxide Powder
Lutetium Oxide Powder
Magnesium Oxide Powder
Manganese Oxide Powder
Mercury Oxide Powder
Molybdenum Oxide Powder
Neodymium Oxide Powder
Nickel Oxide Powder
Nickel(III) Oxide Powder
Niobium Oxide Powder
Osmium Oxide Powder
Palladium Oxide Powder
Platinum Oxide Powder
Potassium Oxide Powder
Praseodymium Oxide
Rhenium Oxide Powder
Rhodium Oxide Powder
Rubidium Oxide Powder
Ruthenium Oxide Powder
Samarium Oxide Powder
Scandium Oxide Powder
Selenium Oxide Powder
Silicon Oxide Powder
Silver Oxide Powder
Sodium Oxide Powder
Strontium Oxide Powder
Tantalum Oxide Powder
Tellurium Oxide Powder
Terbium Oxide Powder
Thallium Oxide Powder
Thorium Oxide Powder
Thullium Oxide Powder
Tin Oxide Powder
Titanium Oxide Powder
Tungsten Oxide Powder
Uranium Oxide Powder
Vanadium Oxide Powder
Ytterbium Oxide Powder
Yttrium Aluminum Oxide Powder
Yttrium Oxide Powder
Zinc Oxide Powder
Zirconium Oxide Powder

Oxide Tablets

Aluminum Oxide Tablets
Antimony Oxide Tablets
Beryllium Oxide Tablets
Boron Oxide Tablets
Cadmium Oxide Tablets
Cerium Oxide Tablets
Cesium Oxide Tablets
Chromium Oxide Tablets
Cobalt Oxide Tablets
Copper Oxide Tablets
Dysprosium Oxide Tablets
Gadolinium Oxide Tablets
Gold Oxide Tablets
Hafnium Oxide Tablets
Indium Oxide Tablets
Iridium Oxide Tablets
Iron Oxide Tablets
Lanthanum Oxide Tablets
Magnesium Oxide Tablets
Manganese Oxide Tablets
Molybdenum Oxide Tablets
Nickel Oxide Tablets
Niobium Oxide Tablets
Praseodymium Oxide Tablets
Rhodium Oxide Tablets
Rubidium Oxide Tablets
Samarium Oxide Tablets
Scandium Oxide Tablets
Silver Oxide Tablets
Sodium Oxide Tablets
Tantalum Oxide Tablets
Tellurium Oxide Tablets
Terbium Oxide Tablets
Titanium Oxide Tablets
Tungsten Oxide Tablets
Uranium Oxide Tablets
Vanadium Oxide Tablets
Ytterbium Oxide Tablets
Yttrium Aluminum Oxide Tablets
Yttrium Oxide Tablets
Zinc Oxide Tablets
Zirconium Oxide Tablets

Oxide Pieces

Aluminum Oxide Pieces
Antimony Oxide Pieces
Beryllium Oxide Pieces
Boron Oxide Pieces
Cadmium Oxide Pieces
Cerium Oxide Pieces
Cesium Oxide Pieces
Chromium Oxide Pieces
Cobalt Oxide Pieces
Copper Oxide Pieces
Dysprosium Oxide Pieces
Gadolinium Oxide Pieces
Germanium Oxide Pieces
Hafnium Oxide Pieces
Indium Oxide Pieces
Iridium Oxide Pieces
Iron Oxide Pieces
Lanthanum Oxide Pieces
Magnesium Oxide Pieces
Manganese Oxide Pieces
Molybdenum Oxide Pieces
Nickel Oxide Pieces
Niobium Oxide Pieces
Praseodymium Oxide Pieces
Rhodium Oxide Pieces
Rubidium Oxide Pieces
Samarium Oxide Pieces
Silver Oxide Pieces
Sodium Oxide Pieces
Tantalum Oxide Pieces
Tellurium Oxide Pieces
Terbium Oxide Pieces
Titanium Oxide Pieces
Tungsten Oxide Pieces
Uranium Oxide Pieces
Vanadium Oxide Pieces
Ytterbium Oxide Pieces
Yttrium Aluminum Oxide Pieces
Yttrium Oxide Pieces
Zinc Oxide Pieces
Zirconium Oxide Pieces
Oxide Sputtering Targets

Aluminum Oxide Sputtering Target
Antimony Oxide Sputtering Target
Beryllium Oxide Sputtering Target
Bismuth Lanthanum Titanium Oxide Sputtering Target
Bismuth Titanium Oxide Sputtering Target
Bismuth Trioxide Sputtering Targets
Black Iron Oxide Sputtering Targets
Boron Oxide Sputtering Target
Cadmium Oxide Sputtering Target
Cerium Oxide Sputtering Target
Chromium Oxide Sputtering Target
Chromium Trioxide Sputtering Targets
Cobalt Oxide Sputtering Target
Copper Oxide Sputtering Target
Dysprosium Oxide Sputtering Target
Gadolinium Oxide Sputtering Target
Germanium Dioxide Sputtering Targets
Gold Oxide Sputtering Target
Hafnium Oxide Sputtering Target
Indium Oxide Sputtering Target
Iridium Oxide Sputtering Target
Iron Oxide Sputtering Target
Lanthanum Oxide Sputtering Target
Magnesium Oxide Sputtering Target
Manganese Oxide Sputtering Target
Molybdenum Oxide Sputtering Target
Molybdenum Trioxide Sputtering Targets
Neodymium Oxide Sputtering Targets
Nickel Oxide Sputtering Target
Niobium Pentoxide Sputtering Targets
Praseodymium Oxide Sputtering Target
Rhodium Oxide Sputtering Target
Samarium Oxide Sputtering Target
Scandium Oxide Sputtering Target
Silver Oxide Sputtering Target
Sodium Oxide Sputtering Target
Tantalum Oxide Sputtering Target
Tellurium Oxide Sputtering Target
Terbium Oxide Sputtering Target
Titanium Dioxide Sputtering Targets
Titanium Oxide Sputtering Target
Tungsten Oxide Sputtering Target
Tungsten Trioxide Sputtering Target
Uranium Oxide Sputtering Target
Vanadium Oxide Sputtering Target
Vanadium Pentoxide Sputtering Target
Ytterbium Oxide Sputtering Target
Yttrium Aluminum Oxide Sputtering Target
Yttrium Oxide Sputtering Target
Zinc Oxide/Phosphorus Oxide Sputtering Target
Zinc Oxide Sputtering Target
Zirconium Oxide Sputtering Target

Oxide Nanopowder

Aluminum Oxide Nanopowder
Antimony Oxide Nanopowder
Arsenic Oxide Nanopowder
Barium Oxide Nanopowder
Beryllium Oxide Nanopowder
Bismuth Oxide Nanopowder
Boron Oxide Nanopowder
Cadmium Oxide Nanopowder
Calcium Oxide Nanopowder
Cerium Oxide Nanopowder
Cesium Oxide Nanopowder
Chromium Oxide Nanopowder
Cobalt Oxide Nanopwder
Copper Oxide Nanopowder
Dysprosium Oxide Nanopowder
Erbium Oxide Nanopowder
Europium Oxide Nanopowder
Gadolinium Oxide Nanopowder
Gallium Oxide Nanopowder
Germanium Oxide Nanopowder
Gold Oxide Nanopowder
Hafnium Oxide Nanopowder
Holmium Oxide Nanopowder
Indium Oxide Nanopowder
Iridium Oxide Nanopowder
Iron Oxide Nanopowder
Lanthanum Oxide Nanopowder
Lead Oxide Nanopowder
Lithium Oxide Nanopowder
Lutetium Oxide Nanopowder
Magnesium Oxide Nanopowder
Manganese Oxide Nanopowder
Molybdenum Oxide Nanopowder
Neodymium Oxide Nanopowder
Nickel Oxide Nanopowder
Niobium Oxide Nanopowder
Osmium Oxide Nanopowder
Palladium Oxide Nanopowder
Platinum Oxide Nanopowder
Potassium Oxide Nanopowder
Praseodymium Oxide Nanopowder
Rhenium Oxide Nanopowder
Rhodium Oxide Nanopowder
Ruthenium Oxide Nanopowder
Samarium Oxide Nanopowder
Scandium Oxide Nanopowder
Selenium Oxide Nanopowder
Silicon Oxide Nanopowder
Silver Oxide Nanopowder
Sodium Oxide Nanopowder
Strontium Oxide Nanopowder
Tantalum Oxide Nanopowder
Tellurium Oxide Nanopowder
Terbium Oxide Nanopowder
Thallium Oxide Nanopowder
Thorium Oxide Nanopowder
Thulium Oxide Nanopowder
Tin Oxide Nanopowder
Titanium Oxide Nanopowder
Tungsten Oxide Nanopowder
Vanadium Oxide Nanopowder
Zinc Oxide Nanopowder
Zirconium Oxide Nanopowder

Oxide Spheres

Copper Oxide Nanospheres
Copper Oxide Hollow Spheres
Potassium Hydroxide Nanoprisms
Silicon Dioxide Nanospheres
Silicon Dioxide Spheres
Silicon Oxide Hollow Nanospheres
Silicon Oxide Hollow Spheres
Titanium Dioxide Nanospheres
Titanium Dioxide Spheres
Zirconium Oxide Spheres

Oxide Wire

Tin Oxide Nanowire
Tin Oxide Wire
Titanium Oxide Wire
Zinc Oxide Nanowire

Oxide Granules

Antimony Oxide/Aluminum Oxide Granules
Copper Oxide/Aluminum Oxide Granules
Copper Oxide/Indium Oxide Granules

Recent Research & Development for Oxygen

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Oxygen Isotopes

Oxygen has three stable isotopes: 16O, 17O and 18O.

Nuclide Symbol Isotopic Mass Half-Life Nuclear Spin
16O 15.99491461956 Stable 0+
17O 16.99913170 Stable 5/2+
18O 17.9991610 Stable 0+