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Métaux Metals Metalli Metais Metales 金属 金属 Metaller

32.4 (A)/00.022

Hydrogen                                 Helium  
Lithium Beryllium                     Boron Carbon Nitrogen Oxygen Fluorine Neon
Sodium Magnesium                     Aluminum Silicon Phosphorus Sulfur Chlorine Argon
Potassium Calcium Scandium Titanium Vanadium Chromium Manganese Iron Cobalt Nickel Copper Zinc Gallium Germanium Arsenic Selenium Bromine Krypton
Rubidium Strontium Yttrium Zirconium Niobium Molybdenum Technetium Ruthenium Rhodium Palladium Silver Cadmium Indium Tin Antimony Tellurium Iodine Xenon
Cesium Barium Lanthanum Hafnium Tantalum Tungsten Rhenium Osmium Iridium Platinum Gold Mercury Thallium Lead Bismuth Polonium Astatine Radon
Francium Radium Actinium Rutherfordium Dubnium Seaborgium Bohrium Hassium Meitnerium Darmstadtium Roentgenium Copernicium Ununtrium Ununquadium Ununpentium Ununhexium Ununseptium Ununoctium
    Cerium Praseodymium Neodymium Promethium Samarium Europium Gadolinium Terbium Dysprosium Holmium Erbium Thulium Ytterbium Lutetium    
    Thorium Protactinium Uranium Neptunium Plutonium Americium Curium Berkelium Californium Einsteinium Fermium Mendelevium Nobelium Lawerencium      

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The elemental form of those elements that have positively charged ions are commonly referred to as Metal. They account for approximately two thirds of the elements on the periodic table. Their applications are often based on properties that include tensile strength, electrical and thermal (heat) conductivity and malleability. Information, data, properties and applications are provided for the five chemical groups of metals, which are the alkali metals and alkaline earth metals (or s-block elements), the transition metals (or d-block elements), and the actinide and the lanthanide metals (or f-block elements). The lanthanide metals are also known as the rare earths. Additionally, because American Elements manufactures other technically non-metal elements in their elemental or "metallic" form, further information, data, properties and application discussion is provided for the elements commonly classified as the post-transition metals and the metalloids (or p-block elements).

High Purity Calcium MetalAlkali Metals are extremely reactive, particularly with water to form metal hydroxides. Potassium is the most reactive and Lithium is the least reactive. They include the Group I elements Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Rubidium and Cesium. They appear silvery in color and are soft compared to the transition metals. They are light in weight and have relatively low melting points. Applications tend to be based on their highly reactive state. For example, lithium has found numerous recent applications in storage of both energy (lithium ion batteries) and hydrogen.

Alkaline Earth Metals include Beryllium, Magnesium, Calcium, Strontium, Barium and Radium. Like their neighbor on the periodic table, the alkali or Group I elements, the alkali earth metals are silvery in color and relatively light in weight though they are far less reactive. Because of their lower activity and affinity for their other neighbor on the periodic table, the transition metals, they have found many applications and uses in alloys to produce lighter high strength metals.

The bulk of elemental metals are found within the forty transition metals which include what are commonly referred to as the base metals, such as lead, iron, nickel, tin and copper and the precious or noble metals, such as silver, gold, platinum and iridium. They are the most abundant and easiest to mine and refine of the metal groups. Due to their ease of extraction, they were the first metals to be mined, refined and commercially used by humans. Because they are of higher density than the s-block elements, they exhibit greater strength, higher melting points, and higher density and tensile strength.

The lanthanide or rare earth metals include lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium, neodymium, promethium, samarium, europium, gadolinium, terbium, dysprosium, holmium, erbium, thulium, ytterbium and lutetium. Scandium and yttrium are also sometimes included in this group in that they share many properties. They appear much like the transition metals, silvery metallic, and find many similar applications. Lanthanum and cerium are used in many alloying, electronic, glass, fuel cell and ceramic applications. Neodymium, praseodymium, erbium and dysprosium ions emit and absorb wave lengths within the visual light range making them useful in applications as varied as welding goggles to fiber optics to to medical lasers. Promethium is the one lanthanide that does not naturally occur.

The actinides are a group of radioactive elements of which only uranium, thorium and actinium naturally exist on Earth in appreciable quantities.

The post-transition metals or p-block elements are extremely soft low melting metals that include the semi-liquid metal gallium and indium, tin, thallium, lead, bismuth, radioactive polonium, germanium and antimony. They are used extensively in the formation of various electronic and optical crystalline materials; particularly when formed with tellurium and selenium in such materials as gallium telluride and lead selenide. They are the basis for many new solar energy materials.

The metalloids are the basis for most commercial semi conducting materials. They include boron, silicon, arsenic and tellurium. Some group the post-transition metals germanium, antimony and polonium among this group.

Highly stable low oxidizing metals such as gold, iridium, aluminum and titanium are used in a host of medical applications, such as to create body implants and in regenerative medicine.

Metal purities available include 99%, 99.9%, 99.99%, 99.999% and 99.9999% which are sometimes referred to as 2N, 3N, 4N, 5N and 6N. Physical properties AE X-Ray Diffraction Unit for crystal structure analysis and certificationinclude nanopowder, nano particle, submicron, - 325 mesh, rod, foil, and high surface area metals with particle distribution and particle size controlled and certified. We produce larger - 40 mesh, - 100 mesh, -200 mesh range sizes and < 0.5 mm, 2 mm, 5 mm and other mm size shot, granules, lump, flake and pieces, too.

American Elements also produces stable isotopes of numerous metals, such as iron-58, magnesium-25, calcium-42, copper-63 and lithium-6.

Metals Pellets Pieces Powder Granules Ingot Rod Tubes Wire Slugs Crucibles Chunks
Aluminum Metal
Antimony Metal
Arsenic Metal
Barium Metal
Beryllium Metal
Bismuth Metal
Boron Metal
Cadmium Metal
Calcium Metal
Cerium Metal
Chromium Metal
Cobalt Metal
Copper Metal
Dysprosium Metal
Erbium Metal
Europium Metal
Gallium Metal
Gadolinium Metal
Germanium Metal
Gold Metal
Hafnium Metal
Holmium Metal
Indium Metal
Iridium Metal
Iron Metal
Lanthanum Metal
Lead Metal
Lithium Metal
Lutetium Metal
Magnesium Metal
Manganese Metal
Molybdenum Metal
TZM Molybdenum Alloy
Neodymium Metal
Nickel Metal
Nickel Titanium Metal
Niobium Metal
Osmium Metal
Palladium Metal
Potassium Metal
Platinum Metal
Praseodymium Metal
Rhenium Metal
Rhodium Metal
Ruthenium Metal
Samarium Metal
Scandium Metal
Selenium Metal
Silicon Metal
Silver Metal
Strontium Metal
Tantalum Metal
Tellurium Metal
Terbium Metal
Thallium Metal
Thorium Metal
Thulium Metal
Tin Metal
Titanium Metal
Tungsten Metal
Vanadium Metal
Ytterbium Metal
Yttrium Metal
Zinc Metal
Zirconium Metal


Aluminum Rocks
Antimony Rocks
Arsenic Rocks
Barium Rocks
Beryllium Rocks
Bismuth Rocks
Boron Rocks
Cadmium Rocks
Calcium Rocks
Cerium Rocks
Chromium Rocks
Cobalt Rocks
Copper Rocks
Dysprosium Rocks
Erbium Rocks
Europium Rocks
Gadolinium Rocks
Germanium Rocks
Gold Rocks
Hafnium Rocks
Holmium Rocks
Indium Rocks
Iridium Rocks
Iron Rocks
Lanthanated Moly Rocks
Lanthanum Rocks
Lead Rocks
Lithium Rocks
Lutetium Rocks
Magnesium Rocks
Manganese Rocks
Molybdenum Rocks
TZM Molybdenum Rocks
Neodymium Rocks
Nickel Rocks
Nickel Titanium Rocks
Niobium Rocks
Osmium Rocks
Palladium Rocks
Potassium Rocks
Platinum Rocks
Praseodymium Rocks
Rhenium Rocks
Rhodium Rocks
Ruthenium Rocks
Samarium Rocks
Scandium Rocks
Selenium Rocks
Silicon Rocks
Silver Rocks
Strontium Rocks
Tantalum Rocks
Tellurium Rocks
Terbium Rocks
Thallium Rocks
Thulium Rocks
Tin Rocks
Titanium Rocks
Tungsten Rocks
Vanadium Rocks
Ytterbium Rocks
Yttrium Rocks
Zinc Rocks
Zirconium Rocks


Aluminum Capsules
Antimony Capsules
Arsenic Capsules
Barium Capsules
Beryllium Capsules
Bismuth Capsules
Boron Capsules
Cadmium Capsules
Calcium Capsules
Cerium Capsules
Chromium Capsules
Cobalt Capsules
Copper Capsules
Dysprosium Capsules
Erbium Capsules
Europium Capsules
Gadolinium Capsules
Germanium Capsules
Gold Capsules
Hafnium Capsules
Holmium Capsules
Indium Capsules
Iridium Capsules
Iron Capsules
Lanthanated Moly Capsules
Lanthanum Capsules
Lead Capsules
Lithium Capsules
Lutetium Capsules
Magnesium Capsules
Manganese Capsules
Molybdenum Capsules
TZM Molybdenum Capsules
Neodymium Capsules
Nickel Capsules
Nickel Titanium Capsules
Niobium Capsules
Osmium Capsules
Palladium Capsules
Potassium Capsules
Platinum Capsules
Praseodymium Capsules
Rhenium Capsules
Rhodium Capsules
Ruthenium Capsules
Samarium Capsules
Scandium Capsules
Selenium Capsules
Silicon Capsules
Silver Capsules
Strontium Capsules
Tantalum Capsules
Tellurium Capsules
Terbium Capsules
Thallium Capsules
Thulium Capsules
Tin Capsules
Titanium Capsules
Tungsten Capsules
Vanadium Capsules
Ytterbium Capsules
Yttrium Capsules
Zinc Capsules
Zirconium Capsules

Aluminum Pellets
Antimony Pellets
Arsenic Pellets
Barium Pellets
Beryllium Pellets
Bismuth Pellets
Boron Pellets
Cadmium Pellets
Calcium Pellets
Cerium Pellets
Chromium Pellets
Cobalt Pellets
Copper Pellets
Dysprosium Pellets
Erbium Pellets
Europium Pellets
Gadolinium Pellets
Germanium Pellets
Gold Pellets
Hafnium Pellets
Holmium Pellets
Indium Pellets
Iridium Pellets
Iron Pellets
Lanthanated Moly Pellets
Lanthanum Pellets
Lead Pellets
Lithium Pellets
Lutetium Pellets
Magnesium Pellets
Manganese Pellets
Molybdenum Pellets
TZM Molybdenum Pellets
Neodymium Pellets
Nickel Pellets
Nickel Titanium Pellets
Niobium Pellets
Osmium Pellets
Palladium Pellets
Potassium Pellets
Platinum Pellets
Praseodymium Pellets
Rhenium Pellets
Rhodium Pellets
Ruthenium Pellets
Samarium Pellets
Scandium Pellets
Selenium Pellets
Silicon Pellets
Silver Pellets
Strontium Pellets
Tantalum Pellets
Tellurium Pellets
Terbium Pellets
Thallium Pellets
Thulium Pellets
Tin Pellets
Titanium Pellets
Tungsten Pellets
Vanadium Pellets
Ytterbium Pellets
Yttrium Pellets
Zinc Pellets
Zirconium Pellets


Aluminum Pebbles
Antimony Pebbles
Arsenic Pebbles
Barium Pebbles
Beryllium Pebbles
Bismuth Pebbles
Boron Pebbles
Cadmium Pebbles
Calcium Pebbles
Cerium Pebbles
Chromium Pebbles
Cobalt Pebbles
Copper Pebbles
Dysprosium Pebbles
Erbium Pebbles
Europium Pebbles
Gadolinium Pebbles
Germanium Pebbles
Gold Pebbles
Hafnium Pebbles
Holmium Pebbles
Indium Pebbles
Iridium Pebbles
Iron Pebbles
Lanthanated Moly Pebbles
Lanthanum Pebbles
Lead Pebbles
Lithium Pebbles
Lutetium Pebbles
Magnesium Pebbles
Manganese Pebbles
Molybdenum Pebbles
TZM Molybdenum Pebbles
Neodymium Pebbles
Nickel Pebbles
Nickel Titanium Pebbles
Niobium Pebbles
Osmium Pebbles
Palladium Pebbles
Potassium Pebbles
Platinum Pebbles
Praseodymium Pebbles
Rhenium Pebbles
Rhodium Pebbles
Ruthenium Pebbles
Samarium Pebbles
Scandium Pebbles
Selenium Pebbles
Silicon Pebbles
Silver Pebbles
Strontium Pebbles
Tantalum Pebbles
Tellurium Pebbles
Terbium Pebbles
Thallium Pebbles
Thulium Pebbles
Tin Pebbles
Titanium Pebbles
Tungsten Pebbles
Vanadium Pebbles
Ytterbium Pebbles
Yttrium Pebbles
Zinc Pebbles
Zirconium Pebbles


Aluminum Pills
Antimony Pills
Arsenic Pills
Barium Pills
Beryllium Pills
Bismuth Pills
Boron Pills
Cadmium Pills
Calcium Pills
Cerium Pills
Chromium Pills
Cobalt Pills
Copper Pills
Dysprosium Pills
Erbium Pills
Europium Pills
Gadolinium Pills
Germanium Pills
Gold Pills
Hafnium Pills
Holmium Pills
Indium Pills
Iridium Pills
Iron Pills
Lanthanated Moly Pills
Lanthanum Pills
Lead Pills
Lithium Pills
Lutetium Pills
Magnesium Pills
Manganese Pills
Molybdenum Pills
TZM Molybdenum Pills
Neodymium Pills
Nickel Pills
Nickel Titanium Pills
Niobium Pills
Osmium Pills
Palladium Pills
Potassium Pills
Platinum Pills
Praseodymium Pills
Rhenium Pills
Rhodium Pills
Ruthenium Pills
Samarium Pills
Scandium Pills
Selenium Pills
Silicon Pills
Silver Pills
Strontium Pills
Tantalum Pills
Tellurium Pills
Terbium Pills
Thallium Pills
Thulium Pills
Tin Pills
Titanium Pills
Tungsten Pills
Vanadium Pills
Ytterbium Pills
Yttrium Pills
Zinc Pills
Zirconium Pills

Aluminum Pieces
Antimony Pieces
Arsenic Pieces
Barium Pieces
Beryllium Pieces
Bismuth Pieces
Boron Pieces
Cadmium Pieces
Calcium Pieces
Cerium Pieces
Chromium Pieces
Cobalt Pieces
Copper Pieces
Dysprosium Pieces
Erbium Pieces
Europium Pieces
Gadolinium Pieces
Germanium Pieces
Gold Pieces
Hafnium Pieces
Holmium Pieces
Indium Pieces
Iridium Pieces
Iron Pieces
Lanthanated Moly Pieces
Lanthanum Pieces
Lead Pieces
Lithium Pieces
Lutetium Pieces
Magnesium Pieces
Manganese Pieces
Molybdenum Pieces
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Pieces
Neodymium Pieces
Nickel Pieces
Nickel Titanium Pieces
Niobium Pieces
Osmium Pieces
Palladium Pieces
Potassium Pieces
Platinum Pieces
Praseodymium Pieces
Rhenium Pieces
Rhodium Pieces
Ruthenium Pieces
Samarium Pieces
Scandium Pieces
Selenium Pieces
Silicon Pieces
Silver Pieces
Strontium Pieces
Tantalum Pieces
Tellurium Pieces
Terbium Pieces
Thallium Pieces
Thulium Pieces
Tin Pieces
Titanium Pieces
Tungsten Pieces
Vanadium Pieces
Ytterbium Pieces
Yttrium Pieces
Zinc Pieces
Zirconium Pieces


Aluminum Puck
Antimony Puck
Arsenic Puck
Barium Puck
Beryllium Puck
Bismuth Puck
Boron Puck
Cadmium Puck
Calcium Puck
Cerium Puck
Chromium Puck
Cobalt Puck
Copper Puck
Dysprosium Puck
Erbium Puck
Europium Puck
Gadolinium Puck
Germanium Puck
Gold Puck
Hafnium Puck
Holmium Puck
Indium Puck
Iridium Puck
Iron Puck
Lanthanated Moly Puck
Lanthanum Puck
Lead Puck
Lithium Puck
Lutetium Puck
Magnesium Puck
Manganese Puck
Molybdenum Puck
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Puck
Neodymium Puck
Nickel Puck
Nickel Titanium Puck
Niobium Puck
Osmium Puck
Palladium Puck
Potassium Puck
Platinum Puck
Praseodymium Puck
Rhenium Puck
Rhodium Puck
Ruthenium Puck
Samarium Puck
Scandium Puck
Selenium Puck
Silicon Puck
Silver Puck
Strontium Puck
Tantalum Puck
Tellurium Puck
Terbium Puck
Thallium Puck
Thulium Puck
Tin Puck
Titanium Puck
Tungsten Puck
Vanadium Puck
Ytterbium Puck
Yttrium Puck
Zinc Puck
Zirconium Puck


Aluminum Bits
Antimony Bits
Arsenic Bits
Barium Bits
Beryllium Bits
Bismuth Bits
Boron Bits
Cadmium Bits
Calcium Bits
Cerium Bits
Chromium Bits
Cobalt Bits
Copper Bits
Dysprosium Bits
Erbium Bits
Europium Bits
Gadolinium Bits
Germanium Bits
Gold Bits
Hafnium Bits
Holmium Bits
Indium Bits
Iridium Bits
Iron Bits
Lanthanated Molybdenum Bits
Lanthanum Bits
Lead Bits
Lithium Bits
Lutetium Bits
Magnesium Bits
Manganese Bits
Molybdenum Bits
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Bits
Neodymium Bits
Nickel Bits
Nickel Titanium Bits
Niobium Bits
Osmium Bits
Palladium Bits
Potassium Bits
Platinum Bits
Praseodymium Bits
Rhenium Bits
Rhodium Bits
Ruthenium Bits
Samarium Bits
Scandium Bits
Selenium Bits
Silicon Bits
Silver Bits
Strontium Bits
Tantalum Bits
Tellurium Bits
Terbium Bits
Thallium Bits
Thulium Bits
Tin Bits
Titanium Bits
Tungsten Bits
Vanadium Bits
Ytterbium Bits
Yttrium Bits
Zinc Bits
Zirconium Bits

Aluminum Powder
Antimony Powder
Arsenic Powder
Barium Powder
Beryllium Powder
Bismuth Powder
Boron Powder
Cadmium Powder
Calcium Powder
Cerium Powder
Chromium Powder
Cobalt Powder
Copper Powder
Dysprosium Powder
Erbium Powder
Europium Powder
Gadolinium Powder
Germanium Powder
Gold Powder
Hafnium Powder
Holmium Powder
Indium Powder
Iridium Powder
Iron Powder
Lanthanated Moly Powder
Lanthanum Powder
Lead Powder
Lithium Powder
Lutetium Powder
Magnesium Powder
Manganese Powder
Molybdenum Powder
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Powder
Neodymium Powder
Nickel Powder
Nickel Titanium Powder
Niobium Powder
Osmium Powder
Palladium Powder
Platinum Powder
Praseodymium Powder
Rhenium Powder
Rhodium Powder
Ruthenium Powder
Samarium Powder
Scandium Powder
Selenium Powder
Silicon Powder
Silver Powder
Strontium Powder
Tantalum Powder
Tellurium Powder
Terbium Powder
Thallium Powder
Thulium Powder
Tin Powder
Titanium Powder
Tungsten Powder
Vanadium Powder
Ytterbium Powder
Yttrium Powder
Zinc Powder
Zinc Antimonide Powder
Zirconium Powder


Aluminum Dust
Antimony Dust
Arsenic Dust
Barium Dust
Beryllium Dust
Bismuth Dust
Boron Dust
Cadmium Dust
Calcium Dust
Cerium Dust
Chromium Dust
Cobalt Dust
Copper Dust
Dysprosium Dust
Erbium Dust
Europium Dust
Gadolinium Dust
Germanium Dust
Gold Dust
Hafnium Dust
Holmium Dust
Indium Dust
Iridium Dust
Iron Dust
Lanthanated Moly Dust
Lanthanum Dust
Lead Dust
Lithium Dust
Lutetium Dust
Magnesium Dust
Manganese Dust
Molybdenum Dust
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Dust
Neodymium Dust
Nickel Dust
Nickel Titanium Dust
Niobium Dust
Osmium Dust
Palladium Dust
Platinum Dust
Praseodymium Dust
Rhenium Dust
Rhodium Dust
Ruthenium Dust
Samarium Dust
Scandium Dust
Selenium Dust
Silicon Dust
Silver Dust
Strontium Dust
Tantalum Dust
Tellurium Dust
Terbium Dust
Thallium Dust
Thulium Dust
Tin Dust
Titanium Dust
Tungsten Dust
Vanadium Dust
Ytterbium Dust
Yttrium Dust
Zinc Dust
Zinc Antimonide Dust
Zirconium Dust


Aluminum Fragments
Antimony Fragments
Arsenic Fragments
Barium Fragments
Beryllium Fragments
Bismuth Fragments
Boron Fragments
Cadmium Fragments
Calcium Fragments
Cerium Fragments
Chromium Fragments
Cobalt Fragments
Copper Fragments
Dysprosium Fragments
Erbium Fragments
Europium Fragments
Gadolinium Fragments
Germanium Fragments
Gold Fragments
Hafnium Fragments
Holmium Fragments
Indium Fragments
Iridium Fragments
Iron Fragments
Lanthanated Molybdenum Fragments
Lanthanum Fragments
Lead Fragments
Lithium Fragments
Lutetium Fragments
Magnesium Fragments
Manganese Fragments
Molybdenum Fragments
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Fragments
Neodymium Fragments
Nickel Fragments
Nickel Titanium Fragments
Niobium Fragments
Osmium Fragments
Palladium Fragments
Potassium Fragments
Platinum Fragments
Praseodymium Fragments
Rhenium Fragments
Rhodium Fragments
Ruthenium Fragments
Samarium Fragments
Scandium Fragments
Selenium Fragments
Silicon Fragments
Silver Fragments
Strontium Fragments
Tantalum Fragments
Tellurium Fragments
Terbium Fragments
Thallium Fragments
Thulium Fragments
Tin Fragments
Titanium Fragments
Tungsten Fragments
Vanadium Fragments
Ytterbium Fragments
Yttrium Fragments
Zinc Fragments
Zirconium Fragments

Aluminum Granules
Antimony Granules
Arsenic Granules
Barium Granules
Beryllium Granules
Bismuth Granules
Boron Granules
Cadmium Granules
Calcium Granules
Cerium Granules
Chromium Granules
Cobalt Granules
Copper Granules
Dysprosium Granules
Erbium Granules
Europium Granules
Gadolinium Granules
Germanium Granules
Gold Granules
Hafnium Granules
Holmium Granules
Indium Granules
Iridium Granules
Iron Granules
Lanthanum Granules
Lanthanated Moly Granules
Lead Granules
Lithium Granules

Lutetium Granules
Magnesium Granules
Manganese Granules
Molybdenum Granules
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Granules
Neodymium Granules
Nickel Granules
Nickel Titanium Granules
Niobium Granules
Osmium Granules
Palladium Granules
Potassium Granules
Platinum Granules
Praseodymium Granules
Rhenium Granules
Rhodium Granules
Ruthenium Granules
Samarium Granules
Scandium Granules
Selenium Granules
Silicon Granules
Silver Granules
Strontium Granules
Tantalum Granules
Tellurium Granules
Terbium Granules
Thallium Granules
Thulium Granules
Tin Granules
Titanium Granules
Tungsten Granules
Vanadium Granules
Ytterbium Granules
Yttrium Granules
Zinc Antimonide Granules
Zinc Granules
Zirconium Granules


Aluminum Flanges
Antimony Flanges
Arsenic Flanges
Barium Flanges
Beryllium Flanges
Bismuth Flanges
Boron Flanges
Cadmium Flanges
Calcium Flanges
Cerium Flanges
Chromium Flanges
Cobalt Flanges
Copper Flanges
Dysprosium Flanges
Erbium Flanges
Europium Flanges
Gadolinium Flanges
Germanium Flanges
Gold Flanges
Hafnium Flanges
Holmium Flanges
Indium Flanges
Iridium Flanges
Iron Flanges
Lanthanated Moly Flanges
Lanthanum Flanges
Lead Flanges
Lithium Flanges
Lutetium Flanges
Magnesium Flanges
Manganese Flanges
Molybdenum Flanges
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Flanges
Neodymium Flanges
Nickel Flanges
Nickel Titanium Flanges
Niobium Flanges
Osmium Flanges
Palladium Flanges
Potassium Flanges
Platinum Flanges
Praseodymium Flanges
Rhenium Flanges
Rhodium Flanges
Ruthenium Flanges
Samarium Flanges
Scandium Flanges
Selenium Flanges
Silicon Flanges
Silver Flanges
Strontium Flanges
Tantalum Flanges
Tellurium Flanges
Terbium Flanges
Thallium Flanges
Thulium Flanges
Tin Flanges
Titanium Flanges
Tungsten Flanges
Vanadium Flanges
Ytterbium Flanges
Yttrium Flanges
Zinc Flanges
Zirconium Flanges


Aluminum Sample
Antimony Sample
Arsenic Sample
Barium Sample
Beryllium Sample
Bismuth Sample
Boron Sample
Cadmium Sample
Calcium Sample
Cerium Sample
Chromium Sample
Cobalt Sample
Copper Sample
Dysprosium Sample
Erbium Sample
Europium Sample
Gallium Sample
Gadolinium Sample
Germanium Sample
Gold Sample
Hafnium Sample
Holmium Sample
Indium Sample
Iridium Sample
Iron Sample
Lanthanated Molybdenum Sample
Lanthanum Sample
Lead Sample
Lithium Sample
Lutetium Sample
Magnesium Sample
Manganese Sample
Molybdenum Sample
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Sample
Neodymium Sample
Nickel Sample
Nickel Titanium Sample
Niobium Sample
Osmium Sample
Palladium Sample
Potassium Sample
Platinum Sample
Praseodymium Sample
Rhenium Sample
Rhodium Sample
Ruthenium Sample
Samarium Sample
Scandium Sample
Selenium Sample
Silicon Sample
Silver Sample
Strontium Sample
Tantalum Sample
Tellurium Sample
Terbium Sample
Thallium Sample
Thulium Sample
Tin Sample
Titanium Sample
Tungsten Sample
Vanadium Sample
Ytterbium Sample
Yttrium Sample
Zinc Sample
Zirconium Sample

Aluminum Ingot
Antimony Ingot
Arsenic Ingot
Barium Ingot
Beryllium Ingot
Bismuth Ingot
Boron Ingot
Cadmium Ingot
Calcium Ingot
Cerium Ingot
Chromium Ingot
Cobalt Ingot
Copper Ingot
Dysprosium Ingot
Erbium Ingot
Europium Ingot
Gallium Ingot
Gadolinium Ingot
Germanium Ingot
Gold Ingot
Hafnium Ingot
Holmium Ingot
Indium Ingot
Iridium Ingot
Iron Ingot
Lanthanum Ingot
Lanthanated Moly Ingot
Lead Ingot
Lithium Ingot
Lutetium Ingot
Magnesium Ingot
Manganese Ingot
Molybdenum Ingot
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Ingot
Neodymium Ingot
Nickel Ingot
Nickel Titanium Ingot
Niobium Ingot
Osmium Ingot
Palladium Ingot
Potassium Ingot
Platinum Ingot
Praseodymium Ingot
Rhenium Ingot
Rhodium Ingot
Ruthenium Ingot
Samarium Ingot
Scandium Ingot
Selenium Ingot
Silicon Ingot
Silver Ingot
Strontium Ingot
Tantalum Ingot
Tellurium Ingot
Terbium Ingot
Thallium Ingot
Thulium Ingot
Tin Ingot
Titanium Ingot
Tungsten Ingot
Vanadium Ingot
Ytterbium Ingot
Yttrium Ingot
Zinc Ingot
Zirconium Ingot


Aluminum Rings
Antimony Rings
Arsenic Rings
Barium Rings
Beryllium Rings
Bismuth Rings
Boron Rings
Cadmium Rings
Calcium Rings
Cerium Rings
Chromium Rings
Cobalt Rings
Copper Rings
Dysprosium Rings
Erbium Rings
Europium Rings
Gadolinium Rings
Germanium Rings
Gold Rings
Hafnium Rings
Holmium Rings
Indium Rings
Iridium Rings
Iron Rings
Lanthanated Moly Rings
Lanthanum Rings
Lead Rings
Lithium Rings
Lutetium Rings
Magnesium Rings
Manganese Rings
Molybdenum Rings
Neodymium Rings
Nickel Rings
Nickel Titanium Rings
Niobium Rings
Osmium Rings
Palladium Rings
Potassium Rings
Platinum Rings
Praseodymium Rings
Rhenium Rings
Rhodium Rings
Ruthenium Rings
Samarium Rings
Scandium Rings
Selenium Rings
Silicon Rings
Silver Rings
Strontium Rings
Tantalum Rings
Tellurium Rings
Terbium Rings
Thallium Rings
Thulium Rings
Tin Rings
Titanium Rings
Tungsten Rings
Vanadium Rings
Ytterbium Rings
Yttrium Rings
Zinc Rings
Zirconium Rings


Aluminum Scrap
Antimony Scrap
Arsenic Scrap
Barium Scrap
Beryllium Scrap
Bismuth Scrap
Boron Scrap
Cadmium Scrap
Calcium Scrap
Cerium Scrap
Chromium Scrap
Cobalt Scrap
Copper Scrap
Dysprosium Scrap
Erbium Scrap
Europium Scrap
Gadolinium Scrap
Germanium Scrap
Gold Scrap
Hafnium Scrap
Holmium Scrap
Indium Scrap
Iridium Scrap
Iron Scrap
Lanthanated Molybdenum Scrap
Lanthanum Scrap
Lead Scrap
Lithium Scrap
Lutetium Scrap
Magnesium Scrap
Manganese Scrap
Molybdenum Scrap
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Scrap
Neodymium Scrap
Nickel Scrap
Nickel Titanium Scrap
Niobium Scrap
Osmium Scrap
Palladium Scrap
Potassium Scrap
Platinum Scrap
Praseodymium Scrap
Rhenium Scrap
Rhodium Scrap
Ruthenium Scrap
Samarium Scrap
Scandium Scrap
Selenium Scrap
Silicon Scrap
Silver Scrap
Strontium Scrap
Tantalum Scrap
Tellurium Scrap
Terbium Scrap
Thallium Scrap
Thulium Scrap
Tin Scrap
Titanium Scrap
Tungsten Scrap
Vanadium Scrap
Ytterbium Scrap
Yttrium Scrap
Zinc Scrap
Zirconium Scrap

Aluminum Rod
Antimony Rod
Arsenic Rod
Barium Rod
Beryllium Rod
Bismuth Rod
Boron Rod
Cadmium Rod
Calcium Rod
Cerium Rod
Chromium Rod
Cobalt Rod
Copper Rod
Dysprosium Rod
Erbium Rod
Europium Rod
Gadolinium Rod
Germanium Rod
Gold Rod
Hafnium Rod
Holmium Rod
Indium Rod
Iridium Rod
Lanthanated Moly Rod
Iron Rod
Lanthanum Rod
Lead Rod
Lithium Rod
Lutetium Rod
Magnesium Rod
Manganese Rod
Molybdenum Rod
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Rod
Neodymium Rod
Nickel Rod
Nickel Titanium Rod
Niobium Rod
Osmium Rod
Palladium Rod
Potassium Rod
Platinum Rod
Praseodymium Rod
Rhenium Rod
Rhodium Rod
Ruthenium Rod
Samarium Rod
Scandium Rod
Selenium Rod
Silicon Rod
Silver Rod
Strontium Rod
Tantalum Rod
Tellurium Rod
Terbium Rod
Thallium Rod
Thorium Rod
Thulium Rod
Tin Rod
Titanium Rod
Tungsten Rod
Vanadium Rod
Ytterbium Rod
Yttrium Rod
Zinc Rod
Zirconium Rod


Aluminum Band
Antimony Band
Arsenic Band
Barium Band
Beryllium Band
Bismuth Band
Boron Band
Cadmium Band
Calcium Band
Cerium Band
Chromium Band
Cobalt Band
Copper Band
Dysprosium Band
Erbium Band
Europium Band
Gadolinium Band
Germanium Band
Gold Band
Hafnium Band
Holmium Band
Indium Band
Iridium Band
Iron Band
Lanthanated Moly Band
Lanthanum Band
Lead Band
Lithium Band
Lutetium Band
Magnesium Band
Manganese Band
Molybdenum Band
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Band
Neodymium Band
Nickel Band
Nickel Titanium Band
Niobium Band
Osmium Band
Palladium Band
Potassium Band
Platinum Band
Praseodymium Band
Rhenium Band
Rhodium Band
Ruthenium Band
Samarium Band
Scandium Band
Selenium Band
Silicon Band
Silver Band
Strontium Band
Tantalum Band
Tellurium Band
Terbium Band
Thallium Band
Thorium Band
Thulium Band
TinOxide Band
Tin Band
Titanium Oxide Band
Titanium Band
Tungsten Band
Vanadium Band
Ytterbium Band
Yttrium Band
Zinc Band
Zirconium Band


Aluminum Segment
Antimony Segment
Arsenic Segment
Barium Segment
Beryllium Segment
Bismuth Segment
Boron Segment
Cadmium Segment
Calcium Segment
Cerium Segment
Chromium Segment
Cobalt Segment
Copper Segment
Dysprosium Segment
Erbium Segment
Europium Segment
Gadolinium Segment
Germanium Segment
Gold Segment
Hafnium Segment
Holmium Segment
Indium Segment
Iridium Segment
Iron Segment
Lanthanated Molybdenum Segment
Lanthanum Segment
Lead Segment
Lithium Segment
Lutetium Segment
Magnesium Segment
Manganese Segment
Molybdenum Segment
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Segment
Neodymium Segment
Nickel Segment
Nickel Titanium Segment
Niobium Segment
Osmium Segment
Palladium Segment
Potassium Segment
Platinum Segment
Praseodymium Segment
Rhenium Segment
Rhodium Segment
Ruthenium Segment
Samarium Segment
Scandium Segment
Selenium Segment
Silicon Segment
Silver Segment
Strontium Segment
Tantalum Segment
Tellurium Segment
Terbium Segment
Thallium Segment
Thulium Segment
Tin Segment
Titanium Segment
Tungsten Segment
Vanadium Segment
Ytterbium Segment
Yttrium Segment
Zinc Segment
Zirconium Segment

Aluminum Tubes
Aluminum Manganese Tubes
Antimony Tubes
Arsenic Tubes
Barium Tubes
Beryllium Tubes
Bismuth Tubes
Boron Tubes
Cadmium Selenide Tube
Cadmium Tubes
Calcium Tubes
Cerium Tubes
Chromium Tubes
Cobalt Tubes
Copper Tubes
Dysprosium Tubes
Erbium Tubes
Europium Tubes
Gadolinium Tubes
Germanium Tubes
Gold Tubes
Hafnium Tubes
Holmium Tubes
Indium Tubes
Iridium Tubes
Iron Tubes
Lanthanated Moly Tube
Lanthanum Tubes
Lead Tubes
Lithium Tubes
Lutetium Tubes
Magnesium Tubes
Manganese Tubes
Molybdenum Tubes
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Tubes
Neodymium Tubes
Nickel Tubes
Nickel Titanium Tubes
Niobium Tubes
Osmium Tubes
Palladium Tubes
Potassium Tubes
Platinum Tubes
Praseodymium Tubes
Rhenium Tubes
Rhodium Tubes
Ruthenium Tubes
Samarium Tubes
Scandium Tubes
Selenium Tubes
Silicon Tubes
Silver Tubes
Silver Gold Tube
Strontium Tubes
Tantalum Tubes
Tellurium Tubes
Terbium Tubes
Thallium Tubes
Thorium Tubes
Thulium Tubes
Tin Tubes
Titanium Tubes
Tungsten Tubes
Vanadium Tubes
Ytterbium Tubes
Yttrium Tubes
Zinc Tubes
Zirconium Tubes


Aluminum Spring
Antimony Spring
Arsenic Spring
Barium Spring
Beryllium Spring
Bismuth Spring
Boron Spring
Cadmium Spring
Calcium Spring
Cerium Spring
Chromium Spring
Cobalt Spring
Copper Spring
Dysprosium Spring
Erbium Spring
Europium Spring
Gadolinium Spring
Germanium Spring
Gold Spring
Hafnium Spring
Holmium Spring
Indium Spring
Iridium Spring
Iron Spring
Lanthanated Moly Spring
Lanthanum Spring
Lead Spring
Lithium Spring
Lutetium Spring
Magnesium Spring
Manganese Spring
Molybdenum Spring
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Spring
Neodymium Spring
Nickel Spring
Nickel Titanium Spring
Niobium Spring
Osmium Spring
Palladium Spring
Potassium Spring
Platinum Spring
Praseodymium Spring
Rhenium Spring
Rhodium Spring
Ruthenium Spring
Samarium Spring
Scandium Spring
Selenium Spring
Silicon Spring
Silver Spring
Strontium Spring
Tantalum Spring
Tellurium Spring
Terbium Spring
Thallium Spring
Thorium Spring
Thulium Spring
Tin Oxide Spring
Tin Spring
Titanium Oxide Spring
Titanium Spring
Tungsten Spring
Vanadium Spring
Ytterbium Spring
Yttrium Spring
Zinc Spring
Zirconium Spring


Aluminum Specimens
Antimony Specimens
Arsenic Specimens
Barium Specimens
Beryllium Specimens
Bismuth Specimens
Boron Specimens
Cadmium Specimens
Calcium Specimens
Cerium Specimens
Chromium Specimens
Cobalt Specimens
Copper Specimens
Dysprosium Specimens
Erbium Specimens
Europium Specimens
Gallium Specimens
Gadolinium Specimens
Germanium Specimens
Gold Specimens
Hafnium Specimens
Holmium Specimens
Indium Specimens
Iridium Specimens
Iron Specimens
Lanthanated Molybdenum Specimens
Lanthanum Specimens
Lead Specimens
Lithium Specimens
Lutetium Specimens
Magnesium Specimens
Manganese Specimens
Molybdenum Specimens
Neodymium Specimens
Nickel Specimens
Nickel Titanium Specimens
Niobium Specimens
Osmium Specimens
Palladium Specimens
Potassium Specimens
Platinum Specimens
Praseodymium Specimens
Rhenium Specimens
Rhodium Specimens
Ruthenium Specimens
Samarium Specimens
Scandium Specimens
Selenium Specimens
Silicon Specimens
Silver Specimens
Strontium Specimens
Tantalum Specimens
Tellurium Specimens
Terbium Specimens
Thallium Specimens
Thulium Specimens
Tin Specimens
Titanium Specimens
Tungsten Specimens
Vanadium Specimens
Ytterbium Specimens
Yttrium Specimens
Zinc Specimens
Zirconium Specimens

Aluminum Wire
Antimony Wire
Arsenic Wire
Barium Wire
Beryllium Wire
Bismuth Wire
Boron Wire
Cadmium Wire
Calcium Wire
Cerium Wire
Chromium Wire
Cobalt Wire
Copper Wire
Dysprosium Wire
Erbium Wire
Europium Wire
Gadolinium Wire
Germanium Wire
Gold Wire
Hafnium Wire
Holmium Wire
Indium Wire
Iridium Wire
Iron Wire
Lanthanated Moly Wire
Lanthanum Wire
Lead Wire
Lithium Wire
Lutetium Wire
Magnesium Wire
Manganese Wire
Molybdenum Wire
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Wire
Neodymium Wire
Nickel Wire
Nickel Titanium Wire
Niobium Wire
Osmium Wire
Palladium Wire
Potassium Wire
Platinum Wire
Praseodymium Wire
Rhenium Wire
Rhodium Wire
Ruthenium Wire
Samarium Wire
Scandium Wire
Selenium Wire
Silicon Wire
Silver Wire
Strontium Wire
Tantalum Wire
Tellurium Wire
Terbium Wire
Thallium Wire
Thorium Wire
Thulium Wire
Tin Oxide Wire
Tin Wire
Titanium Oxide Wire
Titanium Wire
Tungsten Wire
Vanadium Wire
Ytterbium Wire
Yttrium Wire
Zinc Wire
Zirconium Wire


Aluminum Coil
Antimony Coil
Arsenic Coil
Barium Coil
Beryllium Coil
Bismuth Coil
Boron Coil
Cadmium Coil
Calcium Coil
Cerium Coil
Chromium Coil
Cobalt Coil
Copper Coil
Dysprosium Coil
Erbium Coil
Europium Coil
Gadolinium Coil
Germanium Coil
Gold Coil
Hafnium Coil
Holmium Coil
Indium Coil
Iridium Coil
Iron Coil
Lanthanated Moly Coil
Lanthanum Coil
Lead Coil
Lithium Coil
Lutetium Coil
Magnesium Coil
Manganese Coil
Molybdenum Coil
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Coil
Neodymium Coil
Nickel Coil
Nickel Titanium Coil
Niobium Coil
Osmium Coil
Palladium Coil
Potassium Coil
Platinum Coil
Praseodymium Coil
Rhenium Coil
Rhodium Coil
Ruthenium Coil
Samarium Coil
Scandium Coil
Selenium Coil
Silicon Coil
Silver Coil
Strontium Coil
Tantalum Coil
Tellurium Coil
Terbium Coil
Thallium Coil
Thorium Coil
Thulium Coil
Tin Oxide Coil
Tin Coil
Titanium Oxide Coil
Titanium Coil
Tungsten Coil
Vanadium Coil
Ytterbium Coil
Yttrium Coil
Zinc Coil
Zirconium Coil


Aluminum Grain
Antimony Grain
Arsenic Grain
Barium Grain
Beryllium Grain
Bismuth Grain
Boron Grain
Cadmium Grain
Calcium Grain
Cerium Grain
Chromium Grain
Cobalt Grain
Copper Grain
Dysprosium Grain
Erbium Grain
Europium Grain
Gadolinium Grain
Germanium Grain
Gold Grain
Hafnium Grain
Holmium Grain
Indium Grain
Iridium Grain
Iron Grain
Lanthanated Moly Grain
Lanthanum Grain
Lead Grain
Lithium Grain
Lutetium Grain
Magnesium Grain
Manganese Grain
Molybdenum Grain
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Grain
Neodymium Grain
Nickel Grain
Nickel Titanium Grain
Niobium Grain
Osmium Grain
Palladium Grain
Platinum Grain
Praseodymium Grain
Rhenium Grain
Rhodium Grain
Ruthenium Grain
Samarium Grain
Scandium Grain
Selenium Grain
Silicon Grain
Silver Grain
Strontium Grain
Tantalum Grain
Tellurium Grain
Terbium Grain
Thallium Grain
Thulium Grain
Tin Grain
Titanium Grain
Tungsten Grain
Vanadium Grain
Ytterbium Grain
Yttrium Grain
Zinc Grain
Zinc Antimonide Grain
Zirconium Grain

Aluminum Slugs
Antimony Slugs
Arsenic Slugs
Barium Slugs
Beryllium Slugs
Bismuth Slugs
Boron Slugs
Cadmium Slugs
Calcium Slugs
Cerium Slugs
Chromium Slugs
Cobalt Slugs
Copper Slugs
Dysprosium Slugs
Erbium Slugs
Europium Slugs
Gallium Slugs
Gadolinium Slugs
Germanium Slugs
Gold Slugs
Hafnium Slugs
Holmium Slugs
Indium Slugs
Iridium Slugs
Iron Slugs
Lanthanated Moly Slugs
Lanthanum Slugs
Lead Slugs
Lithium Slugs
Lutetium Slugs
Magnesium Slugs
Manganese Slugs
Molybdenum Slugs
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Slugs
Neodymium Slugs
Nickel Slugs
Nickel Titanium Slugs
Niobium Slugs
Osmium Slugs
Palladium Slugs
Potassium Slugs
Platinum Slugs
Praseodymium Slugs
Rhenium Slugs
Rhodium Slugs
Ruthenium Slugs
Samarium Slugs
Scandium Slugs
Selenium Slugs
Silicon Slugs
Silver Slugs
Strontium Slugs
Tantalum Slugs
Tellurium Slugs
Terbium Slugs
Thallium Slugs
Thorium Slugs
Thulium Slugs
Tin Slugs
Titanium Slugs
Tungsten Slugs
Vanadium Slugs
Ytterbium Slugs
Yttrium Slugs
Zinc Slugs
Zirconium Slugs


Aluminum Nugget
Antimony Nugget
Arsenic Nugget
Barium Nugget
Beryllium Nugget
Bismuth Nugget
Boron Nugget
Cadmium Nugget
Calcium Nugget
Cerium Nugget
Chromium Nugget
Copper Nugget
Dysprosium Nugget
Erbium Nugget
Europium Nugget
Gadolinium Nugget
Gallium Nugget
Germanium Nugget
Gold Nugget
Hafnium Nugget
Holmium Nugget
Indium Nugget
Iridium Nugget
Iron Nugget
Lanthanated Moly Nugget
Lanthanum Nugget
Lead Nugget
Lithium Nugget
Lutetium Nugget
Magnesium Nugget
Manganese Nugget
Molybdenum Nugget
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Nugget
Neodymium Nugget
Nickel Nugget
Nickel Titanium Nugget
Niobium Nugget
Osmium Nugget
Palladium Nugget
Potassium Nugget
Platinum Nugget
Praseodymium Nugget
Rhenium Nugget
Rhodium Nugget
Ruthenium Nugget
Samarium Nugget
Scandium Nugget
Selenium Nugget
Silicon Nugget
Silver Nugget
Strontium Nugget
Tantalum Nugget
Tellurium Nugget
Terbium Nugget
Thallium Nugget
Thulium Nugget
Tin Nugget
Titanium Nugget
Tungsten Nugget
Vanadium Nugget
Ytterbium Nugget
Yttrium Nugget
Zinc Nugget
Zirconium Nugget


Aluminum Residue
Antimony Residue
Arsenic Residue
Barium Residue
Beryllium Residue
Bismuth Residue
Boron Residue
Cadmium Residue
Calcium Residue
Cerium Residue
Chromium Residue
Cobalt Residue
Copper Residue
Dysprosium Residue
Erbium Residue
Europium Residue
Gadolinium Residue
Germanium Residue
Gold Residue
Hafnium Residue
Holmium Residue
Indium Residue
Iridium Residue
Iron Residue
Lanthanated Moly Residue
Lanthanum Residue
Lead Residue
Lithium Residue
Lutetium Residue
Magnesium Residue
Manganese Residue
Molybdenum Residue
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Residue
Neodymium Residue
Nickel Residue
Nickel Titanium Residue
Niobium Residue
Osmium Residue
Palladium Residue
Platinum Residue
Praseodymium Residue
Rhenium Residue
Rhodium Residue
Ruthenium Residue
Samarium Residue
Scandium Residue
Selenium Residue
Silicon Residue
Silver Residue
Strontium Residue
Tantalum Residue
Tellurium Residue
Terbium Residue
Thallium Residue
Thulium Residue
Tin Residue
Titanium Residue
Tungsten Residue
Vanadium Residue
Ytterbium Residue
Yttrium Residue
Zinc Residue
Zinc Antimonide Residue
Zirconium Residue

Cadmium Crucibles
Chromium Crucibles
Cobalt Crucibles
Copper Crucibles
Gold Crucibles
Hafnium Crucibles
Iridium Crucibles
Iron Crucibles
Lanthanated Moly Crucibles
Manganese Crucibles
Molybdenum Crucibles
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Crucibles
Nickel Crucibles
Nickel Titanium Crucibles
Niobium Crucibles
Osmium Crucibles
Palladium Crucibles
Potassium Crucibles
Platinum Crucibles
Rhenium Crucibles
Rhodium Crucibles
Ruthenium Crucibles
Scandium Crucibles
Silver Crucibles
Tantalum Crucibles
Titanium Crucibles
Tungsten Crucibles
Vanadium Crucibles
Zinc Crucibles
Zirconium Crucibles


Aluminum Briquette
Antimony Briquette
Arsenic Briquette
Barium Briquette
Beryllium Briquette
Bismuth Briquette
Boron Briquette
Cadmium Briquette
Calcium Briquette
Cerium Briquette
Chromium Briquette
Copper Briquette
Dysprosium Briquette
Erbium Briquette
Europium Briquette
Gadolinium Briquette
Germanium Briquette
Gold Briquette
Hafnium Briquette
Holmium Briquette
Indium Briquette
Iridium Briquette
Iron Briquette
Lanthanated Moly Briquette
Lanthanum Briquette
Lead Briquette
Lithium Briquette
Lutetium Briquette
Magnesium Briquette
Manganese Briquette
Molybdenum Briquette
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Briquette
Neodymium Briquette
Nickel Briquette
Nickel Titanium Briquette
Niobium Briquette
Osmium Briquette
Palladium Briquette
Potassium Briquette
Platinum Briquette
Praseodymium Briquette
Rhenium Briquette
Rhodium Briquette
Ruthenium Briquette
Samarium Briquette
Scandium Briquette
Selenium Briquette
Silicon Briquette
Silver Briquette
Strontium Briquette
Tantalum Briquette
Tellurium Briquette
Terbium Briquette
Thallium Briquette
Thulium Briquette
Tin Briquette
Titanium Briquette
Tungsten Briquette
Vanadium Briquette
Ytterbium Briquette
Yttrium Briquette
Zinc Briquette
Zirconium Briquette


Aluminum Shavings
Antimony Shavings
Arsenic Shavings
Barium Shavings
Beryllium Shavings
Bismuth Shavings
Boron Shavings
Cadmium Shavings
Calcium Shavings
Cerium Shavings
Chromium Shavings
Cobalt Shavings
Copper Shavings
Dysprosium Shavings
Erbium Shavings
Europium Shavings
Gadolinium Shavings
Germanium Shavings
Gold Shavings
Hafnium Shavings
Holmium Shavings
Indium Shavings
Iridium Shavings
Iron Shavings
Lanthanated Moly Shavings
Lanthanum Shavings
Lead Shavings
Lithium Shavings
Lutetium Shavings
Magnesium Shavings
Manganese Shavings
Molybdenum Shavings
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Shavings
Neodymium Shavings
Nickel Shavings
Nickel Titanium Shavings
Niobium Shavings
Osmium Shavings
Palladium Shavings
Platinum Shavings
Praseodymium Shavings
Rhenium Shavings
Rhodium Shavings
Ruthenium Shavings
Samarium Shavings
Scandium Shavings
Selenium Shavings
Silicon Shavings
Silver Shavings
Strontium Shavings
Tantalum Shavings
Tellurium Shavings
Terbium Shavings
Thallium Shavings
Thulium Shavings
Tin Shavings
Titanium Shavings
Tungsten Shavings
Vanadium Shavings
Ytterbium Shavings
Yttrium Shavings
Zinc Shavings
Zinc Antimonide Shavings
Zirconium Shavings


Aluminum Precipitate
Antimony Precipitate
Arsenic Precipitate
Barium Precipitate
Beryllium Precipitate
Bismuth Precipitate
Boron Precipitate
Cadmium Precipitate
Calcium Precipitate
Cerium Precipitate
Chromium Precipitate
Cobalt Precipitate
Copper Precipitate
Dysprosium Precipitate
Erbium Precipitate
Europium Precipitate
Gadolinium Precipitate
Germanium Precipitate
Gold Precipitate
Hafnium Precipitate
Holmium Precipitate
Indium Precipitate
Iridium Precipitate
Iron Precipitate
Lanthanated Moly Precipitate
Lanthanum Precipitate
Lead Precipitate
Lithium Precipitate
Lutetium Precipitate
Magnesium Precipitate
Manganese Precipitate
Molybdenum Precipitate
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Precipitate
Neodymium Precipitate
Nickel Precipitate
Nickel Titanium Precipitate
Niobium Precipitate
Osmium Precipitate
Palladium Precipitate
Platinum Precipitate
Praseodymium Precipitate
Rhenium Precipitate
Rhodium Precipitate
Ruthenium Precipitate
Samarium Precipitate
Scandium Precipitate
Selenium Precipitate
Silicon Precipitate
Silver Precipitate
Strontium Precipitate
Tantalum Precipitate
Tellurium Precipitate
Terbium Precipitate
Thallium Precipitate
Thulium Precipitate
Tin Precipitate
Titanium Precipitate
Tungsten Precipitate
Vanadium Precipitate
Ytterbium Precipitate
Yttrium Precipitate
Zinc Precipitate
Zinc Antimonide Precipitate
Zirconium Precipitate

Aluminum Chunk
Antimony Chunk
Arsenic Chunk
Barium Chunk
Beryllium Chunk
Bismuth Chunk
Boron Chunk
Cadmium Chunk
Calcium Chunk
Cerium Chunk
Chromium Chunk
Cobalt Chunk
Copper Chunk
Dysprosium Chunk
Erbium Chunk
Europium Chunk
Gadolinium Chunk
Gallium Chunk
Germanium Chunk
Gold Chunk
Hafnium Chunk
Holmium Chunk
Indium Chunk
Iridium Chunk
Iron Chunk
Lanthanated Moly Chunk
Lanthanum Chunk
Lead Chunk
Lithium Chunk
Lutetium Chunk
Magnesium Chunk
Manganese Chunk
Molybdenum Chunk
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Chunk
Neodymium Chunk
Nickel Chunk
Nickel Titanium Chunk
Niobium Chunk
Osmium Chunk
Palladium Chunk
Potassium Chunk
Platinum Chunk
Praseodymium Chunk
Rhenium Chunk
Rhodium Chunk
Ruthenium Chunk
Samarium Chunk
Scandium Chunk
Selenium Chunk
Silicon Chunk
Silver Chunk
Strontium Chunk
Tantalum Chunk
Tellurium Chunk
Terbium Chunk
Thallium Chunk
Thulium Chunk
Tin Chunk
Titanium Chunk
Tungsten Chunk
Vanadium Chunk
Ytterbium Chunk
Yttrium Chunk
Zinc Chunk
Zirconium Chunk


Silver Nanoparticle Ink


Calcium Turnings
Hafnium Turnings
Magnesium Turnings
Vanadium Turnings


Aluminum Circle
Antimony Circle
Arsenic Circle
Barium Circle
Beryllium Circle
Bismuth Circle
Boron Circle
Cadmium Circle
Cerium Circle
Chromium Circle
Cobalt Circle
Copper Circle
Dysprosium Circle
Erbium Circle
Europium Circle
Gadolinium Circle
Germanium Circle
Gold Circle
Hafnium Circle
Holmium Circle
Indium Circle
Iridium Circle
Iron Circle
Lanthanated Molybdenum Circle
Lanthanum Circle
Lead Circle
Lithium Circle
Lutetium Circle
Magnesium Circle
Manganese Circle
Molybdenum Circle
TZM Moly Alloy Circle
Neodymium Circle
Nickel Circle
Nickel Titanium Circle
Niobium Circle
Osmium Circle
Palladium Circle
Potassium Circle
Platinum Circle
Praseodymium Circle
Rhenium Circle
Rhodium Circle
Ruthenium Circle
Samarium Circle
Scandium Circle
Selenium Circle
Silicon Circle
Silver Circle
Strontium Circle
Tantalum Circle
Tellurium Circle
Terbium Circle
Thallium Circle
Thulium Circle
Tin Circle
Titanium Circle
Tungsten Circle
Vanadium Circle
Ytterbium Circle
Yttrium Circle
Zinc Circle
Zirconium Circle


Aluminum Concentrate
Antimony Concentrate
Arsenic Concentrate
Barium Concentrate
Beryllium Concentrate
Bismuth Concentrate
Boron Concentrate
Cadmium Concentrate
Calcium Concentrate
Cerium Concentrate
Chromium Concentrate
Cobalt Concentrate
Copper Concentrate
Dysprosium Concentrate
Erbium Concentrate
Europium Concentrate
Gadolinium Concentrate
Germanium Concentrate
Gold Concentrate
Hafnium Concentrate
Holmium Concentrate
Indium Concentrate
Iridium Concentrate
Iron Concentrate
Lanthanated Moly Concentrate
Lanthanum Concentrate
Lead Concentrate
Lithium Concentrate
Lutetium Concentrate
Magnesium Concentrate
Manganese Concentrate
Molybdenum Concentrate
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Concentrate
Neodymium Concentrate
Nickel Concentrate
Nickel Titanium Concentrate
Niobium Concentrate
Osmium Concentrate
Palladium Concentrate
Platinum Concentrate
Praseodymium Concentrate
Rhenium Concentrate
Rhodium Concentrate
Ruthenium Concentrate
Samarium Concentrate
Scandium Concentrate
Selenium Concentrate
Silicon Concentrate
Silver Concentrate
Strontium Concentrate
Tantalum Concentrate
Tellurium Concentrate
Terbium Concentrate
Thallium Concentrate
Thulium Concentrate
Tin Concentrate
Titanium Concentrate
Tungsten Concentrate
Vanadium Concentrate
Ytterbium Concentrate
Yttrium Concentrate
Zinc Concentrate
Zinc Antimonide Concentrate
Zirconium Concentrate

Sputtering Targets Foils Disc Plate Ribbon Sheet Shot Bar Lump Coin Spheres
Aluminum Sputtering Target
Antimony Sputtering Target
Arsenic Sputtering Target
Barium Sputtering Target
Beryllium Sputtering Target
Bismuth Sputtering Target
Boron Sputtering Target
Cadmium Sputtering Target
Calcium Sputtering Target
Calcium Silicate Sputtering Target
Carbon Sputtering Target
Cerium Sputtering Target
Chromium Sputtering Target
Cobalt Sputtering Target
Copper Sputtering Target
Dysprosium Sputtering Target
Erbium Sputtering Target
Europium Sputtering Target
Gadolinium Sputtering Target
Germanium Sputtering Target
Gold Sputtering Target
Hafnium Sputtering Target
Holmium Sputtering Target
Indium Sputtering Target
Iridium Sputtering Target
Iron Sputtering Target
Lanthanated Moly Sputtering Target
Lanthanum Sputtering Target
Lead Sputtering Target
Lithium Sputtering Target
Lutetium Sputtering Target
Magnesium Sputtering Target
Manganese Sputtering Target
Molybdenum Sputtering Target
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Sputtering Target
Neodymium Sputtering Target
Nickel Sputtering Target
Niobium Sputtering Target
Osmium Sputtering Target
Palladium Sputtering Target
Potassium Sputtering Target
Platinum Sputtering Target
Praseodymium Sputtering Target
Rhenium Sputtering Target
Rhodium Sputtering Target
Ruthenium Sputtering Target
Samarium Sputtering Target
Scandium Sputtering Target
Selenium Sputtering Target
Silicon Sputtering Target
Silver Sputtering Target
Strontium Sputtering Target
Tantalum Sputtering Target
Tellurium Sputtering Target
Terbium Sputtering Target
Thallium Sputtering Target
Thorium Sputtering Target
Thulium Sputtering Target
Tin Sputtering Target
Titanium Sputtering Target
Tungsten Sputtering Target
Vanadium Sputtering Target
Ytterbium Sputtering Target
Yttrium Sputtering Target
Zinc Sputtering Target
Zirconium Sputtering Target

Aluminum Foil
Antimony Foil
Arsenic Foil
Barium Foil
Beryllium Foil
Bismuth Foil
Boron Foil
Cadmium Foil
Calcium Foil
Cerium Foil
Chromium Foil
Cobalt Foil
Copper Foil
Dysprosium Foil
Erbium Foil
Europium Foil
Gadolinium Foil
Germanium Foil
Gold Foil
Hafnium Foil
Holmium Foil
Indium Foil
Iridium Foil
Iron Foil
Lanthanum Foil
Lanthanated Moly Foil
Lead Foil
Lithium Foil
Lutetium Foil
Magnesium Foil
Manganese Foil
Molybdenum Foil
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Foil
Neodymium Foil
Nickel Foil
Nickel Titanium Foil
Niobium Foil
Osmium Foil
Palladium Foil
Potassium Foil
Platinum Foil
Praseodymium Foil
Rhenium Foil
Rhodium Foil
Ruthenium Foil
Samarium Foil
Scandium Foil
Selenium Foil
Silicon Foil
Silver Foil
Strontium Foil
Tantalum Foil
Tellurium Foil
Terbium Foil
Thallium Foil
Thorium Foil
Thulium Foil
Tin Foil
Titanium Foil
Tungsten Foil
Vanadium Foil
Ytterbium Foil
Yttrium Foil
Zinc Foil
Zirconium Foil


Aluminum Tape
Antimony Tape
Arsenic Tape
Barium Tape
Beryllium Tape
Bismuth Tape
Boron Tape
Cadmium Tape
Calcium Tape
Cerium Tape
Chromium Tape
Cobalt Tape
Copper Tape
Dysprosium Tape
Erbium Tape
Europium Tape
Gadolinium Tape
Germanium Tape
Gold Tape
Hafnium Tape
Holmium Tape
Indium Tape
Iridium Tape
Iron Tape
Lanthanum Tape
Lanthanated Moly Tape
Lead Tape
Lithium Tape
Lutetium Tape
Magnesium Tape
Manganese Tape
Molybdenum Tape
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Tape
Neodymium Tape
Nickel Tape
Nickel Titanium Tape
Niobium Tape
Osmium Tape
Palladium Tape
Potassium Tape
Platinum Tape
Praseodymium Tape
Rhenium Tape
Rhodium Tape
Ruthenium Tape
Samarium Tape
Scandium Tape
Selenium Tape
Silicon Tape
Silver Tape
Strontium Tape
Tantalum Tape
Tellurium Tape
Terbium Tape
Thallium Tape
Thorium Tape
Thulium Tape
Tin Tape
Titanium Tape
Tungsten Tape
Vanadium Tape
Ytterbium Tape
Yttrium Tape
Zinc Tape
Zirconium Tape

Aluminum Disc
Antimony Disc
Arsenic Disc
Barium Disc
Beryllium Disc
Bismuth Disc
Boron Disc
Cadmium Disc
Calcium Disc
Cerium Disc
Chromium Disc
Cobalt Disc
Copper Disc
Dysprosium Disc
Erbium Disc
Europium Disc
Gadolinium Disc
Germanium Disc
Gold Disc
Hafnium Disc
Holmium Disc
Indium Disc
Iridium Disc
Iron Disc
Lanthanated Moly Disc
Lanthanum Disc
Lead Disc
Lithium Disc
Lutetium Disc
Magnesium Disc
Manganese Disc
Molybdenum Disc
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Disc
Neodymium Disc
Nickel Disc
Nickel Titanium Disc
Niobium Disc
Osmium Disc
Palladium Disc
Potassium Disc
Platinum Disc
Praseodymium Disc
Rhenium Disc
Rhodium Disc
Ruthenium Disc
Samarium Disc
Scandium Disc
Selenium Disc
Silicon Disc
Silver Disc
Strontium Disc
Tantalum Disc
Tellurium Disc
Terbium Disc
Thallium Disc
Thulium Disc
Tin Disc
Titanium Disc
Tungsten Disc
Vanadium Disc
Ytterbium Disc
Yttrium Disc
Zinc Disc
Zirconium Disc


Aluminum Cylinder
Antimony Cylinder
Arsenic Cylinder
Barium Cylinder
Bismuth Cylinder
Boron Cylinder
Cadmium Cylinder
Calcium Cylinder
Cerium Cylinder
Chromium Cylinder
Cobalt Cylinder
Copper Cylinder
Dysprosium Cylinder
Erbium Cylinder
Europium Cylinder
Gadolinium Cylinder
Germanium Cylinder
Gold Cylinder
Hafnium Cylinder
Holmium Cylinder
Indium Cylinder
Iridium Cylinder
Iron Cylinder
Lanthanated Moly Cylinder
Lanthanum Cylinder
Lead Cylinder
Lithium Cylinder
Lutetium Cylinder
Magnesium Cylinder
Manganese Cylinder
Molybdenum Cylinder
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Cylinder
Neodymium Cylinder
Nickel Cylinder
Nickel Titanium Cylinder
Niobium Cylinder
Osmium Cylinder
Palladium Cylinder
Potassium Cylinder
Platinum Cylinder
Praseodymium Cylinder
Rhenium Cylinder
Rhodium Cylinder
Ruthenium Cylinder
Samarium Cylinder
Scandium Cylinder
Selenium Cylinder
Silicon Cylinder
Silver Cylinder
Strontium Cylinder
Tantalum Cylinder
Tellurium Cylinder
Terbium Cylinder
Thallium Cylinder
Thorium Cylinder
Thulium Cylinder
Tin Cylinder
Titanium Cylinder
Tungsten Cylinder
Vanadium Cylinder
Ytterbium Cylinder
Yttrium Cylinder
Zinc Cylinder
Zirconium Cylinder

Aluminum Plate
Antimony Plate
Arsenic Plate
Barium Plate
Beryllium Plate
Bismuth Plate
Boron Plate
Cadmium Plate
Calcium Plate
Cerium Plate
Chromium Plate
Cobalt Plate
Copper Plate
Dysprosium Plate
Erbium Plate
Europium Plate
Gadolinium Plate
Germanium Plate
Gold Plate
Hafnium Plate
Holmium Plate
Indium Plate
Iridium Plate
Iron Plate
Lanthanated Moly Plate
Lanthanum Plate
Lead Plate
Lithium Plate
Lutetium Plate
Magnesium Plate
Manganese Plate
Molybdenum Plate
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Plate
Neodymium Plate
Nickel Plate
Nickel Titanium Plate
Niobium Plate
Osmium Plate
Palladium Plate
Potassium Plate
Platinum Plate
Praseodymium Plate
Rhenium Plate
Rhodium Plate
Ruthenium Plate
Samarium Plate
Scandium Plate
Selenium Plate
Silver Plate
Strontium Plate
Tantalum Plate
Tellurium Plate
Terbium Plate
Thallium Plate
Thorium Plate
Thulium Plate
Tin Plate
Titanium Plate
Tungsten Plate
Vanadium Plate
Ytterbium Plate
Yttrium Plate
Zinc Plate
Zirconium Plate


Aluminum Flake
Antimony Flake
Arsenic Flake
Barium Flake
Boron Flake
Beryllium Flake
Bismuth Flake
Calcium Flake
Cadmium Flake
Cerium Flake
Chromium Flake
Cobalt Flake
Copper-Zinc Flake
Dysprosium Flake
Erbium Flake
Europium Flake
Gadolinium Flake
Germanium Flake
Gold Flake
Hafnium Flake
Holmium Flake
Iridium Flake
Iron Flake
Lanthanum Flake
Lead Flake
Lithium Flake
Lutetium Flake
Magnesium Flake
Manganese Flake
Molybdenum Flake
Neodymium Flake
Nickel Flake
Niobium Flake
Osmium Flake
Palladium Flake
Platinum Flake
Potassium Hydroxide Flake
Rhenium Flake
Scandium Flake
Selenium Flake
Silicon Flake
Silver Flake
Strontium Flake
Tantalum Flake
Tin Flake
Titanium Flake
Thallium Flake
Vanadium Flake
Yttrium Flake
Zirconium Flake

Aluminum Ribbon
Antimony Ribbon
Barium Ribbon
Beryllium Ribbon
Bismuth Ribbon
Boron Ribbon
Cadmium Ribbon
Calcium Ribbon
Cerium Ribbon
Chromium Ribbon
Cobalt Ribbon
Copper Ribbon
Dysprosium Ribbon
Erbium Ribbon
Europium Ribbon
Gadolinium Ribbon
Germanium Ribbon
Gold Ribbon
Hafnium Ribbon
Holmium Ribbon
Indium Ribbon
Iridium Ribbon
Iron Ribbon
Lanthanated Moly Ribbon
Lanthanum Ribbon
Lead Ribbon
Lithium Ribbon
Lutetium Ribbon
Magnesium Ribbon
Manganese Ribbon
Molybdenum Ribbon
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Ribbon
Neodymium Ribbon
Nickel Ribbon
Nickel Titanium Ribbon
Niobium Ribbon
Osmium Ribbon
Palladium Ribbon
Potassium Ribbon
Platinum Ribbon
Praseodymium Ribbon
Rhenium Ribbon
Rhodium Ribbon
Ruthenium Ribbon
Samarium Ribbon
Scandium Ribbon
Selenium Ribbon
Silicon Ribbon
Silver Ribbon
Strontium Ribbon
Tantalum Ribbon
Tellurium Ribbon
Terbium Ribbon
Thallium Ribbon
Thorium Ribbon
Thulium Ribbon
Tin Ribbon
Titanium Ribbon
Tungsten Ribbon
Vanadium Ribbon
Ytterbium Ribbon
Yttrium Ribbon
Zinc Ribbon
Zirconium Ribbon


Aluminum Prisms
Arsenic Prisms
Antimony Prisms
Barium Prisms
Boron Prisms
Beryllium Prisms
Bismuth Prisms
Cadmium Prisms
Calcium Prisms
Chromium Prisms
Copper-Zinc Prisms
Germanium Prisms
Gold Prisms
Hafnium Prisms
Iridium Prisms
Lanthanum Prisms
Lead Prisms
Lithium Prisms
Magnesium Prisms
Manganese Prisms
Molybdenum Prisms
Nickel Prisms
Niobium Prisms
Palladium Prisms
Platinum Prisms
Potassium Hydroxide Prisms
Rhenium Prisms
Scandium Prisms
Selenium Prisms
Silicon Prisms
Silver Prisms
Strontium Prisms
Tantalum Prisms
Tellurium Prisms
Thallium Prisms
Tin Prisms
Titanium Prisms
Vanadium Prisms
Yttrium Prisms
Zirconium Prisms

Aluminum Sheet
Antimony Sheet
Arsenic Sheet
Barium Sheet
Beryllium Sheet
Bismuth Sheet
Boron Sheet
Cadmium Sheet
Calcium Sheet
Cerium Sheet
Chromium Sheet
Cobalt Sheet
Copper Sheet
Dysprosium Sheet
Erbium Sheet
Europium Sheet
Gadolinium Sheet
Germanium Sheet
Gold Sheet
Hafnium Sheet
Holmium Sheet
Indium Sheet
Iridium Sheet
Iron Sheet
Lanthanated Moly Sheet
Lanthanum Sheet
Lead Sheet
Lithium Sheet
Lutetium Sheet
Magnesium Sheet
Manganese Sheet
Molybdenum Sheet
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Sheet
Neodymium Sheet
Nickel Sheet
Nickel Titanium Sheet
Niobium Sheet
Osmium Sheet
Palladium Sheet
Potassium Sheet
Platinum Sheet
Praseodymium Sheet
Rhenium Sheet
Rhodium Sheet
Ruthenium Sheet
Samarium Sheet
Scandium Sheet
Selenium Sheet
Silver Sheet
Strontium Sheet
Tantalum Sheet
Tellurium Sheet
Terbium Sheet
Thallium Sheet
Thorium Sheet
Thulium Sheet
Tin Sheet
Titanium Sheet
Tungsten Sheet
Vanadium Sheet
Ytterbium Sheet
Yttrium Sheet
Zinc Sheet
Zirconium Sheet


Aluminum Electrodes
Brass Electrodes
Bronze Electrodes
Carbon Electrodes
Copper Electrodes
Iron Electrodes
Lead Electrodes
Magnesium Electrodes
Molybdenum Electrodes
Nickel Electrodes
Steel Electrodes
Tantalum Electrodes
Tungsten Electrodes
Zinc Electrodes
Aluminum Shot
Antimony Shot
Arsenic Shot
Barium Shot
Beryllium Shot
Bismuth Shot
Boron Shot
Cadmium Shot
Calcium Shot
Cerium Shot
Chromium Shot
Cobalt Shot
Copper Shot
Dysprosium Shot
Erbium Shot
Europium Shot
Gadolinium Shot
Gallium Shot
Germanium Shot
Gold Shot
Hafnium Shot
Holmium Shot
Indium Shot
Iridium Shot
Iron Shot
Lanthanum Shot
Lanthanated Moly Metal
Lanthanated Moly Shot
Lead Shot
Lithium Shot
Lutetium Shot
Magnesium Shot
Manganese Shot
Molybdenum Shot
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Shot
Neodymium Shot
Nickel Shot
Nickel Titanium Shot
Niobium Shot
Osmium Shot
Palladium Shot
Potassium Shot
Platinum Shot
Praseodymium Shot
Rhenium Shot
Rhodium Shot
Ruthenium Shot
Samarium Shot
Scandium Shot
Selenium Shot
Silicon Shot
Silver Shot
Strontium Shot
Tantalum Shot
Tellurium Shot
Terbium Shot
Thallium Shot
Thorium Shot
Thulium Shot
Tin Shot
Titanium Shot
Tungsten Shot
Vanadium Shot
Ytterbium Shot
Yttrium Shot
Zinc Shot
Zirconium Shot

Aluminum Needles
Bismuth Needles
Molybdenum Needles
Silver Needles
Aluminum Bar
Antimony Bar
Arsenic Bar
Barium Bar
Beryllium Bar
Bismuth Bar
Boron Bar
Cadmium Bar
Calcium Bar
Cerium Bar
Chromium Bar
Cobalt Bar
Copper Bar
Dysprosium Bar
Erbium Bar
Europium Bar
Gadolinium Bar
Germanium Bar
Gold Bar
Hafnium Bar
Holmium Bar
Indium Bar
Iridium Bar
Iron Bar
Lanthanated Moly Bars
Lanthanum Bar
Lead Bar
Lithium Bar
Lutetium Bar
Magnesium Bar
Manganese Bar
Molybdenum Bar
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Bar
Neodymium Bar
Nickel Bar
Nickel Titanium Bar
Niobium Bar
Osmium Bar
Palladium Bar
Potassium Bar
Platinum Bar
Praseodymium Bar
Rhenium Bar
Rhodium Bar
Ruthenium Bar
Samarium Bar
Scandium Bar
Selenium Bar
Silicon Bar
Silver Bar
Strontium Bar
Tantalum Bar
Tellurium Bar
Terbium Bar
Thallium Bar
Thulium Bar
Tin Bar
Titanium Bar
Tungsten Bar
Vanadium Bar
Ytterbium Bar
Yttrium Bar
Zinc Bar
Zirconium Bar

Hafnium Boats
Molybdenum Boats
Niobium Boats
Tantalum Boats
Tungsten Boats
Zirconium Boats
Aluminum Lump
Aluminum Drop
Antimony Lump
Arsenic Lump
Barium Lump
Beryllium Lump
Bismuth Lump
Boron Lump
Cadmium Lump
Calcium Lump
Cerium Lump
Chromium Lump
Cobalt Lump
Copper Lump
Dysprosium Lump
Erbium Lump
Europium Lump
Gadolinium Lump
Gallium Lump
Germanium Lump
Gold Lump
Hafnium Lump
Holmium Lump
Indium Lump
Iridium Lump
Iron Lump
Lanthanated Moly Lump
Lanthanum Lump
Lead Lump
Lithium Lump
Lutetium Lump
Magnesium Lump
Manganese Lump
Molybdenum Lump
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Lump
Neodymium Lump
Nickel Lump
Nickel Titanium Lump
Niobium Lump
Osmium Lump
Palladium Lump
Potassium Lump
Platinum Lump
Praseodymium Lump
Rhenium Lump
Rhodium Lump
Ruthenium Lump
Samarium Lump
Scandium Lump
Selenium Lump
Silicon Lump
Silver Lump
Strontium Lump
Tantalum Lump
Tellurium Lump
Terbium Lump
Thallium Lump
Thulium Lump
Tin Lump
Titanium Lump
Tungsten Lump
Vanadium Lump
Ytterbium Lump
Yttrium Lump
Zinc Lump
Zirconium Lump


Aluminum Board
Antimony Board
Arsenic Board
Barium Board
Beryllium Board
Bismuth Board
Cadmium Board
Calcium Board
Cerium Board
Chromium Board
Cobalt Board
Copper Board
Dysprosium Board
Erbium Board
Europium Board
Gadolinium Board
Germanium Board
Gold Board
Hafnium Board
Holmium Board
Indium Board
Iridium Board
Iron Board
Lanthanated Moly Board
Lanthanum Board
Lead Board
Lithium Board
Lutetium Board
Magnesium Board
Manganese Board
Molybdenum Board
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Board
Neodymium Board
Nickel Board
Nickel Titanium Board
Niobium Board
Osmium Board
Palladium Board
Potassium Board
Platinum Board
Praseodymium Board
Rhenium Board
Rhodium Board
Ruthenium Board
Samarium Board
Scandium Board
Selenium Board
Silver Board
Strontium Board
Tantalum Board
Tellurium Board
Terbium Board
Thallium Board
Thorium Board
Thulium Board
Tin Board
Titanium Board
Tungsten Board
Vanadium Board
Ytterbium Board
Yttrium Board
Zinc Board
Zirconium Board
Aluminum Coin
Antimony Coin
Arsenic Coin
Barium Coin
Beryllium Coin
Bismuth Coin
Boron Coin
Cadmium Coin
Calcium Coin
Cerium Coin
Chromium Coin
Cobalt Coin
Copper Coin
Dysprosium Coin
Erbium Coin
Europium Coin
Gadolinium Coin
Germanium Coin
Gold Coin
Hafnium Coin
Holmium Coin
Indium Coin
Iridium Coin
Iron Coin
Lanthanated Moly Coin
Lanthanum Coin
Lead Coin
Lithium Coin
Lutetium Coin
Magnesium Coin
Manganese Coin
Molybdenum Coin
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Coin
Neodymium Coin
Nickel Coin
Nickel Titanium Coin
Niobium Coin
Osmium Coin
Palladium Coin
Potassium Coin
Platinum Coin
Praseodymium Coin
Rhenium Coin
Rhodium Coin
Ruthenium Coin
Samarium Coin
Scandium Coin
Selenium Coin
Silicon Coin
Silver Coin
Strontium Coin
Tantalum Coin
Tellurium Coin
Terbium Coin
Thallium Coin
Thulium Coin
Tin Coin
Titanium Coin
Tungsten Coin
Vanadium Coin
Ytterbium Coin
Yttrium Coin
Zinc Coin
Zirconium Coin


Aluminum Spheres
Antimony Spheres
Arsenic Spheres
Barium Spheres
Beryllium Spheres
Bismuth Spheres
Boron Spheres
Cadmium Selenide Hollow Spheres
Cadmium Spheres
Calcium Spheres
Cerium Spheres
Chromium Spheres
Cobalt Spheres
Copper Oxide Hollow Spheres
Copper Spheres
Dysprosium Spheres
Erbium Spheres
Europium Spheres
Gadolinium Spheres
Gallium Spheres
Germanium Spheres
Gold Spheres
Hafnium Spheres
Holmium Spheres
Indium Spheres
Iridium Spheres
Iron Spheres
Lanthanated Moly Spheres
Lanthanum Spheres
Lead Spheres
Lead Sulfur Hollow Spheres
Lithium Spheres
Lutetium Spheres
Magnesium Spheres
Manganese Spheres
Molybdenum Spheres
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Spheres
Neodymium Spheres
Nickel Spheres
Niobium Spheres
Osmium Spheres
Palladium Spheres
Potassium Spheres
Platinum Hollow Spheres
Platinum Spheres
Praseodymium Spheres
Rhenium Spheres
Rhodium Spheres
Ruthenium Spheres
Samarium Spheres
Scandium Spheres
Selenium Spheres
Silicon Spheres
Silicon Oxide Hollow Spheres
Silicon Dioxide Spheres
Silver Gold Hollow Sphere
Silver Spheres
Strontium Spheres
Tantalum Spheres
Tellurium Spheres
Terbium Spheres
Thallium Spheres
Thorium Spheres
Thulium Spheres
Tin Spheres
Titanium Spheres
Titanium Dioxide Spheres
Tungsten Spheres
Vanadium Spheres
Ytterbium Spheres
Yttrium Spheres
Zinc Spheres
Zirconium Spheres

Alloy Sputtering
Parts Foam Balls Strip Beads Chips Sponges
Aluminum Chromium Sputtering Target
Aluminum Copper Silicon Sputtering Target
Aluminum Copper Sputtering Target
Aluminum Dysprosium Sputtering Target
Aluminum Erbium Sputtering Target
Aluminum Fluoride Sputtering Target
Aluminum Gadolinium Sputtering Target
Aluminum Magnesium Silicon Sputtering Target
Aluminum Magnesium Sputtering Target
Aluminum Molybdenum Sputtering Target
Aluminum Neodymium Sputtering Target
Aluminum Samarium Sputtering Target
Aluminum Silicon Copper Sputtering Target
Aluminum Silicon Sputtering Target
Aluminum Silver Sputtering Target
Aluminum Tantalum Sputtering Target
Aluminum Titanite Sputtering Target
Aluminum Vanadium Sputtering Target
Antimony Telluride Sputtering Target
Bismuth Fluoride Sputtering Target
Boron Carbide Sputtering Target
Cadmium Fluoride Sputtering Target
Cadmium Tin Sputtering Target
Calcium Fluoride Sputtering Target
Cerium Fluoride Sputtering Target
Cerium Oxide Rotatable Sputtering Target
Cerium Rotatable Sputtering Target
Cerium Silver Sputtering Target
Chromium Aluminum Sputtering Target
Chromium Boron Sputtering Target
Chromium Copper Sputtering Target
Chromium Manganese Sputtering Target
Chromium Nickel Sputtering Target
Chromium Silicon Sputtering Target
Chromium Vanadium Sputtering Target
Cobalt Chromium Aluminum Sputtering Target
Copper Chrome Sputtering Target
Copper Fluoride Sputtering Target
Copper Gallium Selenide Sputtering Target
Copper Gallium Sputtering Target
Copper Indium Gallium Selenide Sputtering Target
Copper Indium Selenide Sputtering Target
Copper Nickel Sputtering Target
Copper Selenide Sputtering Target
Dysprosium Cobalt Sputtering Target
Dysprosium Fluoride Sputtering Target
Dysprosium Iron Cobalt Sputtering Target
Dysprosium Iron Sputtering Target
Dysprosium Oxide Rotatable Sputtering Target
Dysprosium Oxide Sputtering Target
Erbium Fluoride Sputtering Target
Europium Fluoride Sputtering Target
Gadolinium Cerium Sputtering Target
Gadolinium Erbium Silicon Sputtering Target
Gadolinium Fluoride Sputtering Target
Gadolinium Iron Cobalt Sputtering Target
Gadolinium Iron Sputtering Target
Gadolinium Oxide Rotatable Sputtering Target
Gadolinium Oxide Sputtering Target
Gadolinium Terbium Sputtering Target
Gadolinium Titanium Sputtering Target
Gallium Fluoride Sputtering Target
Gallium Oxide Rotatable Sputtering Target
Germanium Antimony Sputtering Target
Gold Antimony Sputtering Target
Gold Copper Sputtering Target
Gold Germanium Sputtering Target
Gold Silicon Sputtering Target
Gold Tin Sputtering Target
Hafnium Carbide Sputtering Target
Hafnium Iron Sputtering Target
Hafnium Yttrium Sputtering Target
Holmium Copper Sputtering Target
Holmium Fluoride Sputtering Target
Holmium Oxide Rotatable Sputtering Target
Indium Antimony Sputtering Target
Indium Fluoride Sputtering Target
Indium Selenide Sputtering Target
Indium Sputtering Target
Indium Tin Sputtering Target
Indium Zinc Sputtering Target
Indium Tin Sputtering Target
Iron Aluminum Sputtering Target
Iron Boron Sputtering Target
Iron Cobalt Sputtering Target
Iron Fluoride Sputtering Target
Iron Gadolinium Sputtering Target
Iron Hafnium Sputtering Target
Iron Manganese Sputtering Target
Iron Nickel Sputtering Target
Iron Silicon Sputtering Target
Lanthanum Aluminum Sputtering Target
Lanthanum Fluoride Sputtering Target
Lanthanum Nickel Sputtering Target
Lanthanum Strontium Manganite Sputtering Target
Lithium Rotatable Sputtering Target
Lutetium Fluoride Sputtering Target
Magnesium Aluminum Sputtering Target
Magnesium Calcium Sputtering Target
Magnesium Dysprosium Sputtering Target
Magnesium Fluoride Sputtering Target
Magnesium Gadolinium Sputtering Target
Magnesium Indium Sputtering Target
Magnesium Neodymium Sputtering Target
Magnesium Neodymium Zirconium Yttrium Sputtering Target
Magnesium Samarium Sputtering Target
Magnesium Sputtering Target
Magnesium Yttrium Sputtering Target
Magnesium Zirconium Sputtering Target
Manganese Iron Sputtering Target
Manganese Nickel Sputtering Target
Manganese Oxide Rotatable Sputtering Target
Molybdenum Chromium Sputtering Target
Molybdenum Silicon Sputtering Target
Molybdenum Silicon Sputtering Target
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Sputtering Target
Neodymium Fluoride Sputtering Target
Neodymium Iron Boron Sputtering Target
Neodymium Oxide Rotatable Sputtering Target
Neodymium Rotatable Sputtering Target
Neodymium Silver Sputtering Target
Nickel Aluminum Sputtering Target
Nickel Chrome Sputtering Target
Nickel Chromium Aluminum Sputtering Target
Nickel Chromium Silicon Sputtering Target
Nickel Chromium Sputtering Target
Nickel Copper Sputtering Target
Nickel Iron Sputtering Target
Nickel Manganese Sputtering Target
Nickel Platinum Sputtering Target
Nickel Titanium Sputtering Target
Nickel Tungsten Sputtering Target
Nickel Vanadium Sputtering Target
Nickel Vanadium Zirconium Sputtering Target
Nickel Ytterbium Sputtering Target
Nickel Zirconium Sputtering Target
Niobium Titanium Sputtering Target
Osmium Oxide Rotatable Sputtering Target
Platinum Oxide Rotatable Sputtering Target
Platinum Rotatable Sputtering Target
Praseodymium Fluoride Sputtering Target
Samarium Cobalt Sputtering Target
Samarium Fluoride Sputtering Target
Samarium Iron Sputtering Target
Samarium Zirconium Sputtering Target
Samarium Cobalt Sputtering Target
Scandium Fluoride Sputtering Target
Scandium Nickel Sputtering Target
Scandium Zirconium Sputtering Target
Silicon Aluminum Oxide Rotatable Sputtering Target
Silicon Aluminum Rotatable Sputtering Target
Silicon Carbide Sputtering Target
Silver Aluminum Sputtering Target
Silver Copper Sputtering Target
Silver Fluoride Sputtering Target
Silver Lanthanum Sputtering Target
Silver Lutetium Sputtering Target
Silver Magnesium Sputtering Target
Silver Tin Sputtering Target
Strontium Fluoride Sputtering Target
Strontium Oxide Rotatable Sputtering Target
Tantalum Aluminum Sputtering Target
Tantalum Molybdenum Sputtering Target
Terbium Dysprosium Iron Sputtering Target
Terbium Dysprosium Sputtering Target
Terbium Fluoride Sputtering Target
Terbium Gadolinium Iron Cobalt Sputtering Target
Terbium Iron Cobalt Sputtering Target
Terbium Iron Sputtering Target
Titanium Aluminum Chromium Sputtering Target
Titanium Aluminum Sputtering Target
Titanium Aluminum Vanadium Sputtering Target
Titanium Aluminum Yttrium Sputtering Target
Titanium Chromium Sputtering Target
Titanium Cobalt Sputtering Target
Titanium Nickel Sputtering Target
Titanium Oxide Rotatable Sputtering Target
Titanium Silicon Sputtering Target
Titanium Silicon Sputtering Target
Titanium Tungsten Sputtering Target
Titanium Zirconium Sputtering Target
Tungsten Carbide Sputtering Target
Tungsten Silicon Sputtering Target
Tungsten Titanium Sputtering Target
Vanadium Aluminum Sputtering Target
Vanadium Chromium Sputtering Target
Vanadium Cobalt Sputtering Target
Vanadium Copper Sputtering Target
Vanadium Iron Sputtering Target
Vanadium Molybdenum Sputtering Target
Vanadium Nickel Sputtering Target
Vanadium Titanium Aluminum Sputtering Target
Vanadium Titanium Sputtering Target
Ytterbium Fluoride Sputtering Target
Yttrium Aluminum Oxide Sputtering Target
Yttrium Fluoride Sputtering Target
Yttrium Titanium Sputtering Target
Yttrium Zirconium Magnesium Sputtering Target
Yttrium Zirconium Sputtering Target
Zinc Aluminium Rotatable Sputtering Target
Zinc Aluminum Oxide Rotatable Sputtering Target
Zinc Aluminum Sputtering Target
Zinc Fluoride Sputtering Target
Zinc-Telluride Sputtering Target
Zirconium Aluminum Sputtering Target
Zirconium Cerium Sputtering Target
Zirconium Copper Sputtering Target
Zirconium Gadolinium Sputtering Target
Zirconium Silicon Sputtering Target
Zirconium Titanium Sputtering Target
Zirconium Yttrium Sputtering Target
Aluminum Parts
Antimony Parts
Arsenic Parts
Barium Parts
Beryllium Parts
Bismuth Parts
Boron Parts
Cadmium Parts
Calcium Parts
Cerium Parts
Chromium Parts
Cobalt Parts
Copper Parts
Dysprosium Parts
Erbium Parts
Europium Parts
Gadolinium Parts
Germanium Parts
Gold Parts
Hafnium Parts
Holmium Parts
Indium Parts
Iridium Parts
Iron Parts
Lanthanated Moly Parts
Lanthanum Parts
Lead Parts
Lithium Parts
Lutetium Parts
Magnesium Parts
Manganese Parts
Molybdenum Parts
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Parts
Neodymium Parts
Nickel Parts
Nickel Titanium Parts
Niobium Parts
Osmium Parts
Palladium Parts
Potassium Parts
Platinum Parts
Praseodymium Parts
Rhenium Parts
Rhodium Parts
Ruthenium Parts
Samarium Parts
Scandium Parts
Selenium Parts
Silicon Parts
Silver Parts
Strontium Parts
Tantalum Parts
Tellurium Parts
Terbium Parts
Thallium Parts
Thulium Parts
Tin Parts
Titanium Parts
Tungsten Parts
Vanadium Parts
Ytterbium Parts
Yttrium Parts
Zinc Parts
Zirconium Parts

Aluminum Foam
Aluminum Oxide Foam
Boron Carbide Foam
Boron Nitride Foam
Cadmium Foam
Cobalt Foam
Cobalt Chromium Foam
Copper Foam
Copper Aluminum Foam
Gold Foam
Hafnium Carbide Foam
Iron Foam
Iron Chromium Foam
Iron Chromium Aluminum Foam
Lanthanated Moly Foam
Lead Foam
Molybdenum Foam
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Foam
Nickel Chromium Aluminum Foam
Nickel Chromium Foam
Nickel Copper Foam
Nickel Foam
Nickel Iron Foam
Nickel Iron Chromium Foam
Nickel Manganese Gallium Foam
Niobium Foam
Rhenium Foam
Silicon Carbide Foam
Silicon Foam
Silicon Nitride Carbide Foam
Silicon Nitride Foam
Silver Foam
Tantalum Foam
Tantalum Carbide Foam
Tin Foam
Titanium Foam
Tungsten Foam
Tungsten Nickel Foam
Vitreous Carbon Foam
Zinc Foam
Zirconium Carbide Foam
Zirconium Foam


Aluminum Honeycomb
Aluminum Oxide Honeycomb
Boron Carbide Honeycomb
Boron Nitride Honeycomb
Cadmium Honeycomb
Cobalt Honeycomb
Cobalt Chromium Honeycomb
Copper Honeycomb
Copper Aluminum Honeycomb
Gold Honeycomb
Hafnium Carbide Honeycomb
Indium Honeycomb
Iron Honeycomb
Iron Chromium Honeycomb
Iron Chromium Aluminum Honeycomb
Lanthanated Moly Honeycomb
Lead Honeycomb
Molybdenum Honeycomb
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Honeycomb
Nickel Chromium Aluminum Honeycomb
Nickel Chromium Honeycomb
Nickel Copper Honeycomb
Nickel Honeycomb
Nickel Iron Honeycomb
Nickel Iron Chromium Honeycomb
Nickel Manganese Gallium Honeycomb
Niobium Honeycomb
Rhenium Honeycomb
Silicon Carbide Honeycomb
Silicon Honeycomb
Silicon Nitride Carbide Honeycomb
Silicon Nitride Honeycomb
Silver Honeycomb
Tantalum Honeycomb
Tantalum Carbide Honeycomb
Tin Honeycomb
Titanium Honeycomb
Tungsten Honeycomb
Tungsten Nickel Honeycomb
Vitreous Carbon Honeycomb
Zinc Honeycomb
Zirconium Carbide Honeycomb
Zirconium Honeycomb


Aluminum Wool
Aluminum Oxide Wool
Boron Carbide Wool
Boron Nitride Wool
Cadmium Wool
Cobalt Wool
Cobalt Chromium Wool
Copper Wool
Copper Aluminum Wool
Gold Wool
Hafnium Carbide Wool
Iron Wool
Iron Chromium Wool
Iron Chromium Aluminum Wool
Lanthanated Moly Wool
Lead Wool
Molybdenum Wool
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Wool
Nickel Chromium Aluminum Wool
Nickel Chromium Wool
Nickel Copper Wool
Nickel Wool
Nickel Iron Wool
Nickel Iron Chromium Wool
Nickel Manganese Gallium Wool
Niobium Wool
Rhenium Wool
Silicon Carbide Wool
Silicon Wool
Silicon Nitride Carbide Wool
Silicon Nitride Wool
Silver Wool
Tantalum Wool
Tantalum Carbide Wool
Tin Wool
Titanium Wool
Tungsten Wool
Tungsten Nickel Wool
Vitreous Carbon Wool
Zinc Wool
Zirconium Carbide Wool
Zirconium Wool

Aluminum Balls
Antimony Balls
Arsenic Balls
Barium Balls
Beryllium Balls
Bismuth Balls
Boron Balls
Cadmium Balls
Calcium Balls
Cerium Balls
Chromium Balls
Cobalt Balls
Copper Balls
Dysprosium Balls
Erbium Balls
Europium Balls
Gadolinium Balls
Germanium Balls
Gold Balls
Hafnium Balls
Holmium Balls
Indium Balls
Iridium Balls
Iron Balls
Lanthanated Moly Balls
Lanthanum Balls
Lead Balls
Lithium Balls
Lutetium Balls
Magnesium Balls
Manganese Balls
Molybdenum Balls
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Balls
Neodymium Balls
Nickel Balls
Niobium Balls
Osmium Balls
Palladium Balls
Potassium Balls
Platinum Balls
Praseodymium Balls
Rhenium Balls
Rhodium Balls
Ruthenium Balls
Samarium Balls
Scandium Balls
Selenium Balls
Silicon Balls
Silver Balls
Strontium Balls
Tantalum Balls
Tellurium Balls
Terbium Balls
Thallium Balls
Thorium Balls
Thulium Balls
Tin Balls
Titanium Balls
Tungsten Balls
Vanadium Balls
Ytterbium Balls
Yttrium Balls
Zinc Balls
Zirconium Balls
Aluminum Strip
Antimony Strip
Arsenic Strip
Barium Strip
Beryllium Strip
Bismuth Strip
Boron Strip
Cadmium Strip
Calcium Strip
Cerium Strip
Chromium Strip
Cobalt Strip
Copper Strip
Dysprosium Strip
Erbium Strip
Europium Strip
Gadolinium Strip
Germanium Strip
Gold Strip
Hafnium Strip
Holmium Strip
Indium Strip
Iridium Strip
Iron Strip
Lanthanated Moly Strip
Lanthanum Strip
Lead Strip
Lithium Strip
Lutetium Strip
Magnesium Strip
Manganese Strip
Molybdenum Strip
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Strip
Neodymium Strip
Nickel Strip
Niobium Strip
Osmium Strip
Palladium Strip
Potassium Strip
Platinum Strip
Praseodymium Strip
Rhenium Strip
Rhodium Strip
Ruthenium Strip
Samarium Strip
Scandium Strip
Selenium Strip
Silicon Strip
Silver Strip
Strontium Strip
Tantalum Strip
Tellurium Strip
Terbium Strip
Thallium Strip
Thorium Strip
Thulium Strip
Tin Strip
Titanium Strip
Tungsten Strip
Vanadium Strip
Ytterbium Strip
Yttrium Strip
Zinc Strip
Zirconium Strip

Antimony Beads
Bismuth Beads
Copper Beads
Gold Beads
Yttrium Stabilized
  Zirconia Grinding Beads




Platinum Gauze


Aluminum Sleeves
Antimony Sleeves
Arsenic Sleeves
Barium Sleeves
Cadmium Sleeve
Calcium Sleeves
Cerium Sleeves
Chromium Sleeves
Cobalt Sleeves
Copper Sleeves
Dysprosium Sleeves
Erbium Sleeves
Europium Sleeves
Gadolinium Sleeves
Germanium Sleeves
Gold Sleeves
Hafnium Sleeves
Holmium Sleeves
Indium Sleeves
Iridium Sleeves
Iron Sleeves
Lanthanum Sleeves
Lead Sleeves
Lithium Sleeves
Lutetium Sleeves
Magnesium Sleeves
Molybdenum Sleeves
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Sleeves
Neodymium Sleeves
Nickel Sleeves
Nickel Titanium Sleeves
Niobium Sleeves
Osmium Sleeves
Palladium Sleeves
Potassium Sleeves
Platinum Sleeves
Praseodymium Sleeves
Rhenium Sleeves
Rhodium Sleeves
Ruthenium Sleeves
Samarium Sleeves
Scandium Sleeves
Selenium Sleeves
Silicon Sleeves
Silver Sleeves
Strontium Sleeves
Tantalum Sleeves
Tellurium Sleeves
Terbium Sleeves
Thallium Sleeves
Thorium Sleeves
Thulium Sleeves
Tin Sleeves
Titanium Sleeves
Tungsten Sleeves
Vanadium Sleeves
Ytterbium Sleeves
Yttrium Sleeves
Zinc Sleeves
Zirconium Sleeves


Cerium Chips
Chromium Chips
Dysprosium Chips
Erbium Chips
Europium Chips
Gadolinium Chips
Germanium Chips
Holmium Chips
Iron Chips
Manganese Chips
Niobium Chips
Neodymium Chips
Samarium Chips
Terbium Chips
Thulium Chips
Ytterbium Chips


Aluminum Wafer
Antimony Wafer
Arsenic Wafer
Barium Wafer
Beryllium Wafer
Bismuth Wafer
Boron Wafer
Cadmium Wafer
Calcium Wafer
Cerium Wafer
Chromium Wafer
Cobalt Wafer
Copper Wafer
Dysprosium Wafer
Erbium Wafer
Europium Wafer
Gadolinium Wafer
Germanium Wafer
Gold Wafer
Hafnium Wafer
Holmium Wafer
Indium Wafer
Indium Arsenide Wafer
Iridium Wafer
Iron Wafer
Lanthanated Moly Wafer
Lanthanum Wafer
Lead Wafer
Lithium Wafer
Lutetium Wafer
Magnesium Wafer
Manganese Wafer
Molybdenum Wafer
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Wafer
Neodymium Wafer
Nickel Wafer
Nickel Titanium Wafer
Niobium Wafer
Osmium Wafer
Palladium Wafer
Potassium Wafer
Platinum Wafer
Praseodymium Wafer
Rhenium Wafer
Rhodium Wafer
Ruthenium Wafer
Samarium Wafer
Scandium Wafer
Selenium Wafer
Silicon Wafer
Silicon Oxide Wafer
Silver Wafer
Strontium Wafer
Tantalum Wafer
Tellurium Wafer
Terbium Wafer

Thorium Wafer
Thulium Wafer
Tin Wafer
Titanium Wafer
Tungsten Wafer
Vanadium Wafer
Ytterbium Wafer
Yttrium Wafer
Zinc Wafer
Zirconium Wafer

Aluminum Sponge
Aluminum Oxide Sponge
Arsenic Sponge
Boron Carbide Sponge
Boron Nitride Sponges
Cadmium Sponge
Cobalt Sponge
Cobalt Chromium Sponge
Copper Sponge
Copper Aluminum Sponge
Gold Sponge
Hafnium Carbide Sponge
Iron Sponge
Iron Chromium Sponge
Iron Chromium Aluminum Sponge
Lanthanated Moly Sponge
Lead Sponge
Molybdenum Sponge
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Sponge
Nickel Chromium Aluminum Sponge
Nickel Chromium Sponge
Nickel Copper Sponge
Nickel Sponge
Nickel Iron Sponge
Nickel Iron Chromium Sponge
Nickel Manganese Gallium Sponge
Niobium Sponge
Palladium Sponge
Platinum Sponge
Rhenium Sponge
Silicon Carbide Sponge
Silicon Sponge
Silicon Nitride Carbide Sponge
Silicon Nitride Sponge
Silver Sponge
Tantalum Sponge
Tantalum Carbide Sponge
Tin Sponge
Titanium Sponge
Tungsten Sponge
Tungsten Nickel Sponge
Vitreous Carbon Sponge
Zinc Sponge
Zirconium Carbide Sponge
Zirconium Sponge


Chromium Cubes
Potassium Cubes
Sodium Cubes


Aluminum Mesh
Antimony Mesh
Arsenic Mesh
Barium Mesh
Beryllium Mesh
Boron Mesh
Cadmium Mesh
Calcium Mesh
Cerium Mesh
Chromium Mesh
Cobalt Mesh
Copper Mesh
Dysprosium Mesh
Erbium Mesh
Europium Mesh
Gadolinium Mesh
Germanium Mesh
Gold Mesh
Hafnium Mesh
Holmium Mesh
Indium Mesh
Iridium Mesh
Iron Mesh
Lanthanum Mesh
Lead Mesh
Lutetium Mesh
Magnesium Mesh
Manganese Mesh
Molybdenum Mesh
TZM Molybdenum Alloy Mesh
Neodymium Mesh
Nickel Mesh
Nickel Titanium Mesh
Niobium Mesh
Osmium Mesh
Palladium Mesh
Platinum Mesh
Praseodymium Mesh
Rhenium Mesh
Rhodium Mesh
Ruthenium Mesh
Samarium Mesh
Scandium Mesh
Selenium Mesh
Silicon Mesh
Silver Mesh
Strontium Mesh
Tantalum Mesh
Tellurium Mesh
Terbium Mesh
Thallium Mesh
Thorium Mesh
Thulium Mesh
Tin Mesh
Titanium Mesh
Tungsten Mesh
Vanadium Mesh
Ytterbium Mesh
Yttrium Mesh
Zinc Mesh
Zirconium Mesh

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Recent Research & Development for Metals

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